Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pineapple Casserole


Okay, y’all, it’s time for another delicious Southern-style casserole to blow your diet with. :)

Actually, I think that this recipe for pineapple casserole is perfectly wonderful—if you think of it as a dessert.

The amount of sugar in the recipe puts it into dessert territory. And it’s sweet enough to qualify, too.

Although usually it’s served as a side dish here. :)

You can make this recipe with less sugar. I’ve made it with as little as a few tablespoons of sugar. But…it just wasn’t quite as good (imagine that!)

You do have to turn the oven on for this one, but at least it’s easy and cooks in 30 minutes.

I usually make it with canned pineapple, but right now the pineapple in the store is looking really good. Making it with fresh pineapple makes it even better. :)


Pineapple Casserole

20 oz. can of pineapple chunks
1 cup sugar
4 tablespoons flour
1 cup grated cheese
1 stick melted margarine
1 tube crushed buttery crackers

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Drain most of the juice from the canned pineapple (leave about 6 tablespoons) and pour the chunks and into a casserole dish with the 6 tablespoons of juice.

Mix 1 cup of sugar and 4 tablespoons of flour and pour the mixture on top of the pineapple chunks.

Sprinkle the cheddar cheese on the top.

Mix 1 stick melted margarine and 1 tube crushed crackers together.
Cook 30 minutes at 350.



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  1. Wow, this looks good! Marc and I are eating a lot of fresh pineapple this summer, and this is fresh idea for us. Plus ongoing thanks for the Pimento Cheese recipe. We are now obsessed with it. Every few days, the hub opens the fridge and says (with a look of concern): "We're almost out of Pimento Cheese." Thanks for another great Southern-style recipe, E. Have a wonderful July Fourth weekend!

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  2. Elizabeth, I love this dish! Got my version of the recipe from a lady in Kentucky in an online food chatroom about 9 or 10 years ago. Somehow I forgot about it and haven't made it for a few years, but will do so very soon, maybe served with a ham steak I've got in the freezer. It's a wonderful side for chicken or pork, esp. ham! MMMMMM, mouth is watering just thinking about it. Thanks!

    Cleo, glad to know there are other "pahmenna"cheese nuts out there, too! My problem is just remembering to stock up on pimentos! Think I'll have some for lunch today, on toasted whole wheat with bread & butter pickles, yum!

  3. Lynn - Thank you kindly for the pronunciation guide. From now on, at the Coyle home, it will be "pahmenna" cheese. :)

    Everyone: You can get Riley's Pimento Cheese recipe by clicking here -
    Riley’s Pimento Cheese Recipe!

  4. Pineapple and cheese? Interesting. Very interesting. I like the idea. Cheese goes with fruit in a great way. I'll have to try it. Sounds almost like coffee cake.

    Hope Finger Lickin' is kickin' the competition.


  5. I love pineapple. In fact, my favorite sweet potato recipe has pineapple in it and what a difference it makes. But I've never considered pairing it with -- cheese! I have to try this.

    Cleo, you and Lynn are cracking me up today. I can imagine Cleo's hubby worrying about the pahmenna cheese stash getting low. Since I live in pahmenna cheese territory, I'd better say it correctly, too! Thanks for the Southern pronunciation, Lynn!

  6. Cleo--I'm so glad it's such a hit! I eat it all year here. I'm probably 1/4 pimento cheese. :)

    Lynn in Texas said...

    It's a great side for meat...that's usually what we do, too. :) Especially ham!

    Butter pickles! Mmm!

    And, you know, for ages I didn't even know how to SPELL pimento! Because it sure doesn't fit how we say it! I'd never have guessed it had a 't' in it!

    Cleo--Thanks for the link, Cleo! Cool!

    Avery--I think it would be a hit for you! You might be able to play with the kinds of cheeses in the recipe, too. :)

    Krista--Who'd have thought, right? But it tastes amazingly good. I'm not sure why!