Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Revenge

A very warm welcome to Andrea Penrose.  Her new mystery series, set in Regency England, is sure to appeal to our history buffs, anglophiles, chocoholics, and mystery lovers.  Um, that covers just about all of us, doesn't it?  Here's Andrea!

My new historical mystery series, which kicked off last month with the debut of SWEET REVENGE, is all about intrigue, revenge, murder  . . . and chocolate! Now a number of people have asked me—did edible chocolate exist in Regency England (this, is, was Jane Austen eating bonbons?) Well, the answer may surprise you—it’s yes!

Several years ago, for my “real” job, I interviewed the head of a gourmet French chocolate company, which was originally founded by Marie Antoinette’s personal physician, and was fascinated to discover some amazing tidbits about the Regency and chocolate. So, when I started to create my heroine, Lady Arianna Hadley, her Caribbean background suddenly made an expertise in chocolate a perfect ingredient to her character.