Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fruit Salad in a Flash

RileyAdamsFoodBlogPostpic_thumb_thumb[3]We always have fruit and yogurt in our house. They’re just staples around here.

And my family loves fruit salad recipes. I’ve got some really elaborate recipes that call for apple pie filling and soaking the fruit in pineapple juice. I’ve got recipes that call for kiwi and lots of different kinds of fruits.

And then I’ve got this one. This is Fruit Salad in a Flash. It’s the simplest thing in the world, but people absolutely love it whenever I serve it. And although it’s easy to think about yogurt and fruit in smoothies, it might not immediately come to mind when thinking about a salad.

Unfortunately, right now we’ve got House of Strep at my home, even as I type. My daughter has been afflicted with lovely, pervasive streptococcus bacteria for a couple of days now. For a while I thought I would be Super Mom and resist the powerful germs! But no. :) Apparently I’m not quite as immune to strep throat as I’d thought!

And when Mom isn’t well, all hades breaks loose on our household. To keep the boy members of our household from eating potato chips and cookies for supper, I offer: Fruit Salad in a Flash!

Fruit Salad1


20 oz. can of pineapple tidbits or chunks
20 oz. can of sliced peaches
6 ounces of French vanilla yogurt

Mix all the ingredients together. If you’re making a small amount of fruit salad (if you just don’t have as much fruit around your house), then you can definitely reduce the amount of yogurt you use. You could also experiment with different fruits and different types of yogurt.

Obviously, you just can’t beat fruit and yogurt for a healthy alternative to whatever the boys will find in the pantry. :) And it’s great on a sore throat, too!

fruit salad2

Delicious and Suspicious (July 6 2010) Riley Adams
Pretty is as Pretty Dies –Elizabeth Spann Craig


  1. This looks yummy and would be great for any meal of the day. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. i have a problem eating yogurt at times cause it gives me a sore throat.. i am alergic to penicillin and blue cheese... the molds in them... i also cannot drink alot of beer cause of the yeast and it does the same to me....

  3. Mason--Thanks! I think the antibiotics are kicking in, now. :)

    Anon--I'm thinking I would turn this into a dessert as a topping for some vanilla ice cream. :) I'm sure there's probably another substitute for yogurt, but I think any excuse to eat ice cream is a good one. :)

  4. Oh, Elizabeth - I hope you and your family are 100% healthy soon! This salad looks lovely. We always have fruit in the house, but it's hit or miss with yogurt. Thanks for the suggestion. This would make a fabulous and healthy dessert!

  5. Get better soon, Elizabeth and family! I think this is a great idea not only when sick (probably a lifesaver then) but also for easy summer fare on busy days. Refreshing and healthy!

  6. This is one of my favorite salads Elizabeth and on hot days this is a nice cool healthy snack.

    I got my tonsils out last year at 40 because of strep throat all the time. So far I have not gotten another one and hope it stays that way. I do hope you get to feeling better soon.

  7. I could dive right into that last, beautiful photo! :) Yogurt is a brilliant idea as a kind of "dressing" for the salad. I've never done that before, but I can see where it would be a creamy, delicious (and very healthy) addition, so I'll be trying that this week. Thanks for another quick, delicious recipe, Elizabeth (Riley). I'm sending good, healing thoughts your way. I hope you and your daughter feel better soon.

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  8. I am sure the fruit salad will help cure the strep.

    We love fruit salad, and really whatever fruit is there goes in it. It's nice with apple too, and mango, kiwi, papaya, and perfect with either yoghurt or vanilla ice cream.

  9. Aw, Elizabeth, may you all recover soon! Ugh. But fruit is the best and cures so many things. So does water. Water, water, water.



  10. Julie--Thanks! It's a nice alternative to dessert--the children think they're getting something special but it's not quite as sugary as the stuff they usually reach for!

    Mary Jane--I think fruit is all I'm eating right now! I'm sure that's going to change soon, though. :)

    ~ Babs ~ Oh, gosh, was the healing from your tonsillectomy really rough? I've heard that surgery is hard on us grown-ups! I'm hoping not to go in that direction, but my husband and son both had it done a long while back and have had no problems at all since then.

    Cleo--Thanks for the healing thoughts! I think my daughter will finally head back to school tomorrow (she's been out the whole week) and I should be fine tomorrow, too. Thank goodness for antibiotics! and papaya! Great ideas for additions. :)

    Avery--Good reminder! I'm off to have a little water. I always forget to drink water!

  11. I love yoghurt with fruits. Living near a farm
    that grows strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, I almost always eat these with yoghurt instead of cream. It's healthier and very good.
    Thank you for this fruit salad recipe and continue to take good care of yourself and your family.

  12. Dru--Mmm--me too!

    Danielle--Wish I lived that close to a first source for fresh fruits! Sounds like heaven. Right now I'm in the process of Lysol-ing the house so no one else gets it. :) But am feeling so much better.

  13. Bless your heart, Elizabeth!! Your daughter's as well...I hope the penicillin has totally kicked in and that you are both 100% better tomorrow!

    I actually mad a fruit salad for our dessert tonight :-) Our grocery had blueberries, blackberries and strawberries on sale!! I used a 0% fat Greek yogurt and added some maple syrup (in honor of the Maple Syrup Queen...Miss Cleo Coyle!!) it was wonderful! Your photos this week are also wonderful!!

  14. Elizabeth it was not too bad it was better then I thought it would be. It did take longer for me to heal then the kids, I liked hot foods instead of cold things though.

  15. Elizabeth, I hope you're all feeling much better soon!

    I love fruit salad. Scoot over and make room for me in there, Cleo. I usually just use a squeeze of lemon and a breeze of sugar, but this sounds wonderful. May have to try it this weekend!

    ~ Krista