Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Salad and More Tasty Ideas for Your Holiday Leftovers from Cleo Coyle

Easter eggs are so very pretty.
Bright with spring colors,
they're fun to dye
and equally fun to photograph.

They're also delicious to eat. Will you be eating your Easter eggs? How? With a dash of salt or Tabasco? Or (ironically) as deviled eggs?

Here's how my husband
and I like to eat them:

Cleo Coyle, who always
appreciates a good egg, is author
of The Coffeehouse Mysteries

Cleo Coyle's
Easter Egg
and Bacon Salad
To download a PDF of
this recipe that you can print,
save, or share, click here.

Makes 4 servings



8 hard boiled eggs
4 slices bacon
2 teaspoon fresh parsley, chopped
1/3 cup mayonnaise
pepper to taste (optional)
1 teaspoon lemon juice 
   or white vinegar (optional)

DIRECTIONS: Peel the hard boiled eggs and chop them into a bowl. Set aside. Place a small skillet over medium heat. Using kitchen shears, cut the bacon into slivers, fry them up in the skillet, and drain them on paper towels. Toss the bacon bits into the bowl with the chopped eggs. Add the fresh, chopped parsley, and mayonnaise. Because the bacon is salty, I never add salt to this salad. A bit of pepper is a nice addition. I sometimes add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or white vinegar. This brings a slight bright tanginess to the salad that you might like, as well.

Would you like a few more leftover ideas?
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Do you have extra potatoes and carrots on hand? My Autumn Potatoes are a healthier version of garlic mashed potatoes. The addition of carrots (and the use of very little butter) make it a tasty recipe with more nutrition and fiber than regular mashed potatoes. They're prettier on your plate, too. But the best part is this: The creamy, buttery potatoes are still the star of this side dish. You hardly taste the carrots.

Click here for the PDF of this recipe.

Is your fridge still full of holiday ham? Here are two ideas. Above is a classic ham salad recipe. Try it on crackers with an olive or slice of jalapeno. Click here for a PDF of my Ham Salad recipe.

Below is a picture of my Italian Easter Pie Palmiers, a very easy appetizer made with frozen puff pastry, a few other ingredients, and your leftover ham. The recipe is based on the flavors in my late aunt Mary's annual Easter pie. Click here for a PDF of my palmiers recipe.

Finally, if you happen to have extra turkey or chicken in the house, try my quick and easy pot pie with cheddar cheese crust. For a PDF of one of my favorite post-holiday leftover meals, click here.

Do you have a favorite
idea for leftovers?

Let us know in the
comments below, and . . .

Eat with joy!

~ Cleo Coyle, author of
The Coffeehouse Mysteries

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  1. I am suddenly wanting a sandwich for breakfast! I may have to just have one. We do have leftover ham here. :) Thanks for these wonderful ideas, Cleo!

  2. Wow, Cleo, an entire week of meals from one holiday. Wow! Love the potpie and the egg salad and... Thanks for sharing. {Pretty pictures!}


  3. Egg and bacon salad - exactly what we had for Easter dinner (I'd forgotten to buy anything special to cook until Sunday morning, when all stores were closed)! The grandsons helped me peel, and colored eggs are more fun to peel, aren't they?

    And that pot pie looks just right for tonight. I love this site!

  4. Stop making me hungry! It's not fair.

    My sole contribution to Easter was a coconut cake with white chocolate/cream cheese frosting. I dyed the frosting pink. My daughter wouldn't let me use the little ducky sprinkles on it, so I settled for drifts of coconut.

  5. Reply to…

    @Elizabeth - I do enjoy a good sandwich! Where else can you get all of the food groups in one bite? (Well, all the groups but chocolate.)

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  6. Reply to…

    @Avery – Aw, thanks. Those pretty pastel colors really put me in the spring mood, too. The days are finally getting sunnier and warmer here in New York City, but it was a long time coming. Winter’s chilly winds and gray skies definitely overstayed their welcome. (We’re all hoping it’s finally packed its bleak baggage and checked out already! :))

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  7. Reply to…

    @Laineshots – And we love you! :) Funny, you’re not the first person who told me the holiday dinner went a *different* way than was originally planned. But flexibility is the name of the game these days – probably the best skill we can teach our children. It’s a wild world out there, and we are certainly living in interesting times. Thanks for dropping by again Laine! It’s always great to see you here in our Kitchen…

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  8. Reply to…

    @Sheila – You always crack me up. (Of course, for an Easter egg post, that’s appropriate. Hey, no groaning. The weather is too nice for groaning.) Your white chocolate coconut cake sounds absolutely delicious. In fact, a little droplet of saliva slid down my chin as I typed that. Can I have a slice (*with* the ducky sprinkles) please?

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  9. I am oddly tickled that you and Marc dyed eggs!!! Egg salad is a favorite here at Chez Phillipe and I never thought to use bacon in it??!!! Brilliant and a scrumptdillyicious idea!!

    As I type this I have windows open and watching a severe thunderstorm watch scroll on the t.v., it is Spring in the Midwest!!!

    Thanks for a great idea for an old family fave, Cleo!


  10. I'm never going to read your posts when I am on a diet! I'd be doomed. Now I am craving an egg salad sandwich. Right now!

  11. love the kitty was there anything else to see after that gorgeous face? lol just kidding... the egg salad happens to be one of my favorites I just wished there wasnt mayo in it since on a diet I can't have any and now I am wishing for it like mary jane!

  12. I decided to surrender my whole week to the concept of National Egg Salad week... several recipes embrace ham as well... but from Dessert to a Dinner Entrée I learned about a whole world of egg options to save our colored gems from the same old same old :-)

  13. Bacon and Egg Salad, what a concept. Why haven't I ever thought of that before?!?

    Cleo, your recipes are priceless! Just like you!

  14. I love all of the leftover ideas! I'm not usually a huge fan of egg salad, but my fiance is. I don't think he's ever added bacon to it before - and maybe I would like it more if it had that in it... I must try this soon! =)

  15. Egg salad is my go to meal with all those left over eggs...yours looks awesome!!

  16. Replies to...

    @Nanc - Lol. Bacon makes everything better, even egg salad. :)

    @MJ - I promise you, the food porn photos are always, always low in fat and zero calories. Does that help?

    ~ Cleo

  17. Replies to...

    @Claudia (pegasuslegend) - Aw, I'm so glad you liked my pic of Turtle the Easter Cat! TY for dropping by.

    @Nancy B. - Very cool ideas! TY for letting us know. (Everyone, just scroll up and hit Nancy B.'s hot-link name. It will take you to her blog and more ideas for your leftover Easter globes. :))

    ~ Cleo

  18. Replies to...

    @Lynn in Texas - You absolutely made my day. Thank you kindly--and right back 'atcha! We all appreciate your comments, Lynn. Thank you so much for being such a booster to the blog.

    ~ Cleo

  19. Replies to...

    @Peggy - The bacon definitely makes a difference. Takes the "same old, same old" egg salad to a whole new taste level. I hope you (and your fiance) enjoy it!

    @RavieNomNoms - Oh, for sure. Egg salad is such a classic -- fast, easy, nutritious, and especially nice for hot spring and summer days.

    Eat with joy, everyone!
    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter