Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tortellini Pasta Salad

RileyAdamsFoodBlogPostpic_thumb_thumb[3]It’s the potluck supper time of year for those of us at the Craig/Adams household. :)

Both Scouts and my church love to have potlucks around the holidays. The food is always amazing there, and I sometimes go home with new recipes, if I’m lucky.

The challenge, for me anyway, is what to bring. I’m not a huge fan of wrestling a crockpot or a chafing dish into my car, so my plan is usually to go with something more portable that wouldn’t have to be kept warm.

Pasta salad is perfect.

It’s also a little bit healthier than some of the recipes I’ve featured lately. :) You’re still getting your carbs in, of course, (I’m a firm believer in carbs!), but you can put in a lower-fat dressing or cheese and that would help even further.

Cheese Tortellini Pasta Salad

12917410427121 can quartered artichoke hearts
2 cups halved cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup green onions
1/4 cup sliced black olives
3/4 cup red onion
19 oz. uncooked cheese-stuffed tortellini (I used frozen)
2 oz. chopped salami
1 cup Caesar salad croutons
8 oz. shredded Parmesan cheese
1 cup Caesar salad dressing
1/2 t pepper
Romaine lettuce to serve on

Cook frozen tortellini according to package directions and let cool.
Combine all the ingredients and chill. Serve on Romaine lettuce.


Yes, it’s another quick and easy recipe! And this one is actually pretty. :)

Delicious and Suspicious (July 6, 2010) Riley Adams
Pretty is as Pretty Dies –Elizabeth Spann Craig

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  1. Tortellini salad is always a winner. You can add so many delicious items to it. Lovely suggestion and a great one for a potluck!



  2. This looks fabulous, Elizabeth. I'm hungry and wish I had the fixings for this dish in the house.

  3. This sounds great, Elizabeth. I'm still on a black olive kick, yum! I was surprised to see croutons in the salad. What a nice crunchy addition!

    ~ Krista

  4. The perfect antipasto! A very good dish to keep in mind for holiday dinners. And aren't potlucks wonderful? All of those made-with-love covered dish offerings to sample. I just love them, too.

    ~ Cleo
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  5. Avery--Thanks! Hope you're having a good December so far...I know it's been busy!

    Julie--I think I've *stayed* hungry the last few days! All the food I keep seeing (and reading about on Mystery Lovers' Kitchen) is keeping me starving!

    Krista--I liked the texture of it--nice to have a surprising crunch. :)

    Cleo--They're a lot of fun. :) And it's so much easier to plan a potluck than a dinner...especially this time of year!

  6. Excellent recipe! Looks like a keeper for sure.


  7. We're huge tortellini fans! Great recipe, E!

  8. Mary Jane--Thanks so much!

    A Year on the Grill--Thanks for coming by, Dave!


  9. This sounds like a quick and easy dish. I'm a huge fan of pasta salads. This would be a great recipe to prepare for holiday gatherings and leave a little at home for me (since the rest of the family is not as fond of pasta as I am).

    Thoughts in Progress