Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Win a prize! It's a wrap!

One of the things I love about
packing the dudes' lunch is using
their own creations on them.
Well, that, and filling their lunch bags
with plastic ants and rubber cockroaches,
but that's for another post -- sometime
around April Fool's Day I'm thinking!

This is my oldest son's recipe and
we make it at least once a week as
it doesn't end up being traded (see
Avery's post on Monday for more
clarification on that)!

I have discovered that pretty much anything
swaddled in a tortilla will be eaten. And the
dudes have a special preference for the
classic sharp cheddar and pepperoni burrito.

Mama loves it because it's easy peasy!

Take a tortilla and stuff it with shredded cheddar
and pepperoni chunks, fold the two sides in then start
at one end and roll it tight.

Then bag up some carrots and celery,
toss in an applesauce and a nice granola bar and
call it done! Oh, unless Halloween is lurking
around the corner and then you might want
to add a nice rubber bat. Bwa ha ha ha!

Now to win today's prize of two Range Kleen
10 oz GoGo insulated bowls with handy
folding spoon and fork accessories just
leave a comment below. Also, as any eight
or nine year old in the know will tell you,
the hip thing to have this year
is an armful of Silly Bandz. Since I'm
in Arizona, I'm throwing in a "rare"
(so the dudes tell me)
pack of Western Shape Silly Bandz,
because you just don't want to get
caught on the playground without!
And, yes, I did find them on sale at
the dollar store (because there is no
way Mama is paying five bucks for
a bunch of rubber bands that the
puppies will undoubtedly
find and eat, causing untold canine
gastric issues, but I digress...)!

The winner will be announced
later today!

Good luck and good eating!



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  1. Hey, I love the Dollar Store TOOOOO!!

  2. Hi, Patti! When I was in Italy they had a Euro
    store. LOVED IT! Road, make that...AIR TRIP!!!

  3. My granddaughter would be over the moon for western silly bands!

  4. In my day everything tasted good on a Ritz. But then in my day, I remember seeing colored rubber bands for the first time.

    Now look at how far Mankind has progressed

  5. Can't beat the dollar store ha. The boys love those silly bands they finally got banned at school there were so many going on, but once they get home they are right back on. My little cousin who is 20 keeps giving the boy the bands.

  6. I agree--anything wrapped in a tortilla is good!! I bet my gang would love those too. Thanks for the idea.

  7. My local dollar store always has a great selection of greeting cards. Some are $1, some are 2/$1. Cool cards, great price...who could ask for more? Especially since most cards eventually end up in the trash. :)

  8. My youngest is such a picky eater, but I bet he would love this. And oh yes, the Silly Bands have certainly hit here in CS. I see them all over the place.

  9. Why do the kids love these rubberbands? Do they retain the shape when placed on the wrists?

  10. This is a great idea. Unfortunately for me, my son doesn't like soft taco shells. Maybe I could go with the "naked" burrito version like Qdoba does. :)

  11. So, I see the love of the dollar store and Silly Bandz are universal!

    Dru, they stretch out on the wrist but then resume their shape once they're off.

    Janel, my other lunch trick is to make our own lunchables (I can't stand the store kind). I love containers (as you can tell by the prize), so I have the compartmentalized Tupperware that I use for their lunch. It's a healthier way to go. I try to use reusable containers (less going to the landfill) whenever I can!

  12. Oh yes! Wraps rule! Kids just think they're more fun to eat and you can put all things in there for them...I'm doing a different wrap tomorrow!

    My daughter LOVES those Silly Bands. :)

  13. Why, oh why, was this kind of food not available when I was a kid? I'm still, to this day, frightened of baloney sandwiches.

  14. I'm going to try this sounds good.

  15. My favourite wrap has cream cheese, peanut butter, yogurt-covered pretzels, chocolate chips, peanuts and powdered sugar. Wouldn't the teachers just love you for packing THAT in the kids' lunch?

  16. What a great lunch. My daughter's oldest son would not take lunch to school. Now the little one (age 2) she has to pack at least 5 different things everyday and he just may eat some of it. So they have a bunch of plastic containers.

    She was an off and on type for taking lunch so it is all coming back to her.

  17. Oh, I know what you mean about the silly bands. They are next to the register of just about every store and causing headaches for anyone who has to deny a child who wants them. I don't get the rubber band craze, but I did the same thing when I was a child.

  18. You know what I love most about this? That your son came up with it! What a clever guy.

    ~ Krista