Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Long Quiche Goodbye giveaway winner

Thanks to all for your great comments regarding ice cream and
The Long Quiche Goodbye.
The contest was only for one to win the book and that person is:

Pattie T.

Pattie, please contact me at Avery at averyaames dot com and provide me with a snail mail address. Congratulations!!

For all the rest of you that wanted to read the book, I do hope you'll go to your local library and request that they order it for you. It recieved a great review on Booklist, which is the librarians' review magazine, so they should be more than eager to help out! You can read a sample chapter at my website. Click this link: Avery Aames

Best to all!


Now...read on for Sheila's post!

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