Friday, September 17, 2010

Get 2 "Mystery Recipes" from Cleo Coyle's ROAST MORTEM

For quite some time now, Dave, that nice Kansas guy who writes the blog called My Year on the Grill, has been a very supportive follower of Mystery Lovers' Kitchen.

Not only have we appreciated Dave's insightful and witty foodie comments, but (as a former bookseller), he has been an enthusiastic supporter of our hard work as authors. And for that we totally love him.

About a month ago, Dave asked my permission to make and share two of the recipes from my new culinary mystery Roast Mortem. I happily granted it. (No cash, stocks, or chocolate coins were exchanged in this endeavor, I assure you.)

Dave's Roast Mortem recipe posts went live yesterday, and I found them both so entertaining (especially his "Prison Cell Block Tango" book tour idea for all of us) that I decided to do something special in Dave's honor. And so...

Cleo Coyle: cat lover, crime-writing
cook. When cornered, most likely
to say: "It's true officer. He ran
into my knife ten times."
I gave away a signed copy of Roast Mortem.

The "comment to win" contest is now over and the winner is...

"Somewhat Blurred" blog

Congratulations, Laineshots, you've won a signed copy of my new Cofffehouse Mystery, Roast Mortem. I hope you enjoy the read -- and the recipes. :)

So what ARE these "Mystery Recipes"
from ROAST MORTEM that Dave made?

"My Year on the Grill" Dave:
great cook, supportive reader,
loving father to
non-reading children.

Mystery Recipe #1 can be found by clicking herewhich will take you to Dave's post at My Year on the Grill. 


Mystery Recipe #2 can be found by clicking here, which will take you to his post at Our Krazy Kitchen.

If you did not win this time, take heart! We crime-writing cooks at MYSTERY LOVERS’ KITCHEN often hold flash giveaways and throw online parties with fun contests. Be sure to follow our blog for you next chance to win a delicious prize.

Busy week! Before I go, I would also like to send a shout out to Dru for her review of Roast Mortem at the wonderful Cozy Chicks blog.

To read Dru's review of Roast Mortem,
along with three other
fun, new mysteries,
click here.

See you next week with a brand new recipe!

Until then,

Eat with joy!
~ Cleo

Another of the dishes
you'll find in my Roast Mortem
recipe section.

P.S. For a "sampler" of some of the other recipes in my book, click here.

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Enjoy Dave's blogs about my recipes, everyone,
and good luck on winning a signed copy of RM!


  1. Wow, whatever is pictured here looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Have a great weekend.
    Susan E.

  2. Ahhh food and mystery together. My fave! :)

  3. I've really got to try the pig candy on my next batch of mac and cheese! And I'd love to see you dance the Cell Block Tango! I'll be Catherine Zeta-Jones!

  4. I'll second the thanks to Dave! What a great reader and commenter! Thanks for the support and being an online friends to all of us here at the Mystery Lovers' Kitchen!

    Congratulations, Cleo, on all the success of "Roast Mortem!"

  5. I'm all in favor of a "Merry Murderesses Cell Block Tango" book tour. Cleo, I can just see you in silver fringe!

    Dave's humor started my day off with a few good house-rousing laughs - and he's got good taste in books and recipes, too. Let's keep him.

  6. The tour sounds great and what a great way to check out some other blogs.

  7. I checked out the blogs and found them to be great fun. In fact, I became of follower of Dave's, so thanks for the link! And, thanks for the recipes =). I'm going to test them out this weekend (yum).

  8. I love the idea of the Cell Block Tango... : ) As soon as the weather cools here a bit, I'll be making the Mac and Cheese! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Not an entry but good gosh that dish looks amazing.

  10. I can't wait to read another installment of mysterious events in the life of Clare Cosi. I wish there was a "Village Blend" in my small town!!!

  11. I just can't resist mac n cheese! And the new book looks just as irresistible!

  12. Replies to.,..

    @susan e. – Aw, thank you. The foodie photo is of my Osso Buco, a classic Italian dish that's also included in the Roast Mortem recipe section.

    @ambercat_13 – Food and mystery; coffee and crime: These are pairings that make my day.

    @Nurse Judy Mac – Glad to hear you also loved the Cell Block Tango. AND it's oh-so accurate. Crimes of passion are at the top of the charts for motives of murder. :)

    @Elizabeth/Riley – TY and in complete agreement with you. The Internet is a wonderful global “back porch” –- meeting Dave and so many other supportive readers has been a great experience for all of us “merry murderesses.”

    More replies to come.

    ~ Cleo
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  13. Replies to…

    @Laineshots – I laughed out loud at the comment you left on The Krazy Kitchen blog! Giving up a new recipe under a swinging light bulb, now THAT is a culinary mystery subplot! (And silver fringe is perfect for me, thanks!) Cheers to you for making me laugh before noon, said the night owl writer.

    @Bookwoman – Wonderful to hear that. Enjoy the mini blog hop!

    @Zita – TY for commenting and for your nice words. I hope you enjoy the recipes. :)