Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stewed Corn


One of the best things about summer is the produce.

It’s all fresh—which makes me want to eat more of it. You can almost taste the sunshine in the tomatoes and corn.

There are a lot of farmers’ markets and vegetable stands that pop up in the summer.2010-06-27 12.47.14 The one in the picture is a stand that I visited while I was at the beach in Harbor Island, SC. Everything looked so good—it was easy to spend more money than I’d planned on.

And sometimes you really don’t want to mask that summery, fresh taste of the produce. That’s why tomato sandwiches are so popular in the summer, I think. If you’re looking for a basic way to cook corn where the flavor really comes through, here’s an easy, basic recipe:

2010-07-01 15.03.02

Stewed Corn

8 ears corn
1/2 cup milk
1 T butter
salt and pepper

Scrape the corn off the cob with a sharp knife, leaving about ¼ of the kernel attached to the cob. Scrape out the milky pulp of the cob with a spoon. Place corn and pulp in a saucepan. Add water to barely cover. Cook gently for 20 minutes. Add milk, butter, salt and pepper. Cook until it thickens.

Happy summer!

Delicious and Suspicious (July 6 2010) Riley Adams
Pretty is as Pretty Dies –Elizabeth Spann Craig


  1. I just was given a dozen ears of fresh sweet corn by a coworker. There's no way we'll eat that much corn on the cob, so it looks like it might be stewed corn for me!

  2. 2 more weeks to Kansas (hard to make that sentence sound exciting). BUT, one of the good things about Kansas is the sweet corn

    And Kansas City has one heck of a Farmer's market! Started reading Delicious and Suspicious last night. Great setting and cast of characters.

  3. Shel--Stewing it would be perfect! That's a lot of corn. :)

    A Year on the Grill--I know it's a world of difference between Kansas and St. Thomas! But the produce in Kansas sounds about like what we're getting here right now--sooo good. Thanks so much for the kind words about "Delicious and Suspicious!"

  4. This is one of the best ways to eat corn. The fresh vegetables available from our garden and the local markets make the summer heat worthwhile.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. This is one of my favorite ways to eat corn besides right off he cob. I love visiting the farmers market here in town they always have such fresh nice looking veggies and fruits.

    The World of Book Reviews

  6. Such a nice easy recipe. I love those! I still haven't found locally grown corn. Maybe soon . . . very soon!

    ~ Krista

  7. Lovely. Simple and lovely. Probably perfect with BBQ, huh? :)

  8. Just like Shel, I have a dozen ears in my kitchen right now (they were practically giving it away at the grocery). This is a fantastic way to make use of all that amazing corn while it's still fresh.

    Also - Chiming in with Dave to say DELICIOUS AND SUSPICIOUS was one delicious read! Loved Lulu and "the Graces" and already looking forward to book two and another trip to Memphis and Aunt Pat's BBQ. :)

    ~ Cleo
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  9. I scraped the kernels off 8 ears, and kept four whole for corn on the cob. I put both in freezer bags and refrigerated, and am planning on making what I scraped off in kernels into stewed corn today. Looking forward to it!

  10. Mason--That's just about the ONLY thing about the heat that's good!

    Babs--It all looks so tempting,doesn't it? I end up spending way more than I planned on.

    Krista--Or you can pick some up when you're visiting in NC in a couple of weeks!

    Avery--I highly recommend it with barbeque. ;)

    Cleo--Enjoy! And thanks about "Delicious and Suspicious." I'm looking forward to Roast Mortem coming out in just a few days! Yipes--Aug. 3 is just around the corner!

    Shel--You have been busy!! You sound like me--I just can't waste food, even if it means freezing it for later. Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

  11. Oh, yum! I just made some corn chowder with fresh corn the other night. It was so good, but a little heavy for this time of year. I'll definitely try this -- capture some of that sunshine. :)

  12. Oh, that looks so good! I'm growing corn in the garden for the first time ever, and will probably get about three dozen ears (bar the raccoons -- fingers crossed). Now I have a fresh alternative to eating it straight from the cob. Thanks!
    Hearth Cricket

  13. Wendy--Oh, I love corn chowder, but I know what you's a lot heavier. Hope this will be a lighter alternative for you!

    Cricket--I know what you mean about the raccoons! We've had a terrible time with them. Hope your corn survives!