Monday, July 5, 2010

The Long Quiche Goodbye Debuts July 6


My "You be the sleuth" contest ends tonight at midnight EDT. The winner will be announced tomorrow in my newsletter. You can find the news on my website.

Congratulations to all! I'll be contacting you.

While you're there looking to see if you won, check out the Virtual Tour for my Launch Party. There will be an "Order the book" contest. {If you've already ordered it, don't despair. You can enter, too.} And I'm starting a blog tour as well as a book tour and some radio chats. Those events are all posted on the site as well. It'll be a whirlwind of activity, but I hope you'll each be able to join me for one of the events, whether online, via the radio, or in person.

If you hadn't guessed after all this furor, The Long Quiche Goodbye debuts tomorrow. The reviews have been great so far--lucky me! The book will be available not only online but in bookstores. I'm so excited!!! The others on our blog have all been published, but this is my first!

Can you remember your very first date? The sweaty palms, the double-check in the mirror to make sure you didn't have spinach in your teeth (even if you didn't eat spinach), breathing into your hand to make sure your breath was okay??? Was the outfit right? Too wrinkled? Just wrinkled enough? Well, I'm feeling all of those things and more. Yes, even about a book. I've written for a long time. This was not a lucky first book story. I'm hoping it will be a hit. So buy it and enjoy the read.

By the way, Delicious and Suspicious by Riley Adams also debuts tomorrow. We're a pair, aren't we? With food perfect for the summer!

Speaking of food...

In The Long Quiche Goodbye, as you have probably figured out by now, there is mention of cheese! And there are recipes at the end of the book. Well, one of the recipes I didn't include is the barbecue sauce that Charlotte's adorable grandfather {Pepere} makes. He loves to cook. For a potluck dinner in the book, he makes his special ribs. I'd like to share his seasoning recipe with you now.

Pepere's Barbecue Seasoning


1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground pepper

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon parsley

1 teaspoon rosemary

1 teaspoon thyme

1 teaspoon orange rind

2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 tablespoons lemonade (do not add until ready to use)


Mix all the seasonings until blended. {This may be stored for quite a while.}

**Do NOT add the lemonade until ready to use that day.

For Ribs:

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Set your choice of meat (I use 1.5 to 2 pounds of baby back ribs, but chicken or pork chops will do) on large sheet of foil. Set on top of a long flat baking pan.

Mix the dry seasoning with the lemonade. Rub the wet seasoning on the top of the meat and wrap the foil tightly around it.

Set the baking pan in the oven for 2 hours and bake slowly.

Remove from the oven.

Then...the ribs can be grilled on the barbecue to add extra flavor, broiled to crisp up, or served hot from the foil.

The meat will pull apart with your fingers.

Enjoy! And say cheese!

"You Be The Sleuth" Contest!

This is the last day to enter!!! Track down the recipe on my website that includes eggs, Edam, and white pepper. Enter your answer by clicking on this link: CONTEST ENTRY FORM.

One of you will win a $25 gift certificate at your favorite bookstore. Two of you will win signed copies of The Long Quiche Goodbye. Three of you will win a Long Quiche Goodbye magnet. You can ask friends for help. Spread the word and share the fun. And while you're there, consider pre-ordering a book on my booksellers page.

Here is the link to my website to help get you started. Good luck!


  1. Congrats on the books (to you both). I can not possibly imagine a more exciting event. I will be heading to our one and only bookshop tomorrow. Hopefully they will be in stock.

    And lemonade in the wet rub... That is a new one, but makes absolute sense.

  2. Avery, I'm so excited for you. I will stop by for at least one of your blog tours.

  3. Congratulations on the launch of your book. Sounds like an interesting read. Best of luck.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. This sounds fabulous, Avery. I'm looking forward to trying it... but not as much as I'm looking forward to reading THE LONG QUICHE GOODBYE. I haven't received any notice that my copy has come in yet, believe it or not. I thought I would have gotten it by now. I'm really looking forward to reading it and getting to know Charlotte!


  5. Avery didn't mention that she's guest blogger on my blog today, but I hope you stop by at You hae to read what she says about characters who take over their own lives.

    Good luck to both Avery and Riley!

  6. I'm so excited for you! I know this is the start of a really successful series for you, Avery!

    Thanks so much for the mention and for this recipe--it's going in my recipe box for sure!

  7. Thank you one and all for your good wishes. And yes, Lesa, I'm there. Just rousing on the West Coast and I'll be checking in! I'll twitter and FB it as well. So much to do! So much fun.

    Year on the Grill: glad you liked the lemonade. It made perfect sense to Pepere as well. :)


  8. Huge congrats on the release of THE LONG QUICHE GOODBYE -- a wonderfully tasty read! Enjoy your release week, Avery, you've earned it.

    Today's rib rub recipe looks mighty tasty, too. I'm completely on board with the citrus notes here. Can't wait to try it.

    Big Book-Release Week Hugs,

    ~ Cleo
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    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  9. Avery, I'm as excited about your debut as I was when my first book came out. Enjoy the ride!

    I love this recipe. I've used lemon in marinades but never lemonade. And I don't usually wrap ribs. I have to try this!

    ~ Krista

  10. Thank you for the release hugs and the excitement. And yes, Krista, the wrapped foil seals in the moisture. It's a trick I learned from a BBQ place in Memphis!!! (And not from Riley LOL)

  11. I can't believe tommorrow is the big day!
    It seems like I've been eagerly awaiting these
    releases FOREVER. Love the rib recipe. Lemonade? Brilliant.
    I'm packing you all (okay, just your books) into my suitcase and taking you on vacation with me!