Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheese to Die For

This week
we are celebrating our

Welcome, everyone. Can you believe it? For a year, we've been sharing our recipes and our stories with you, and we're thrilled. Because we've had such a good time, we'd like to celebrate by preparing a summer meal, building on it day by day. By the end of the week, you'll have a complete menu.

Also to celebrate, we'll also have a daily contest and and one lucky person who leaves a comment this week will win a Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine! Leave a comment and you'll be

[Today's prize is CHEESE KNIFE. Sorry, the picture isn't all that good...]

C'mon, join the fun!

Today, I'm sharing the APPETIZER, and...get involves cheese! [Are you truly surprised? By the way, thanks to all who have purchased The Long Quiche Goodbye. Thanks, also, to those who have left positive reviews on Amazon and the like.]

Now...I just have to share one of my all-time favorite cheeses. Tartufo. In The Long Quiche Goodbye, at the top of chapter 2, I mention a Pecorino Tartufo. Charlotte claims it's a cheese that will make you swoon.

Well, I asked my twenty-four-year-old son to taste test a Caciotta Tartufo, and indeed, he swooned! he okay?

Phew, yes, he got up after the photo shoot.

{Great sport, huh?}

Anyway, this appetizer is simple!

Purchase a Tartufo cheese. The Caciotta Tartufo is laced with truffles.

Set the cheese on a platter. Let the cheese warm to room temperature (about an hour).

Serve with plain crackers [you don't want the flavor of the cracker to overwhelm the cheese].

Also serve with honey. A little dollop on the cracker or just with the cheese alone is heaven.
[Licking your fingers is okay.]

Tartufo is a pasteurized sheep's milk cheese with a nutty flavor, enhanced with aromatic black truffles. Though it can last a while in the refrigerator, I doubt it will. It's pretty addictive!

Enjoy!!!!! An happy anniversary!


If you haven't purchased The Long Quiche Goodbye, and you wish to, I have a list of booksellers on my website. Click this booksellers link. Reviews include: "It's not just gouda; it's great!" [Too fun, right?]


  1. Hi Avery! Just a joy to meet you! I was checking out about your books for the first time today and thrilled!

    I was laughing with your post! This was fun. Your son is a hilarous pairing with you, smile! I definately going to find this cheese! I am so not good with the names of chesses. Many times I'd taste one at the Cheese World area in our Wegmans (grocery store) and I'd say I want to go back to 'you know, that one that was good, over there (pointing to where there are 30 cheese set up) LOL. But one cheesee I so loved the first time I had and craving right now, Havarti Cheese!

    I just found out about your books, just getting into more cozy mysteries so I'm thrilled to join in our your party!

    PS I'm up late and first to post, LOL, that is so rare for me! I'm slow!

    cathiecaffey @

  2. Sorry I forgot to check spelling (ugh)

  3. Wow... it's like a little illustrated story. I will ask today for the cheese, but I am suspecting you are overestimating the one and only island cheese shop...

    Happy Blogiversary to the six merry Murderesses of the Blogisphere

  4. Avery--Now I want to run out to the store! And it's 5:33 a.m. and dark outside. :) Anything that's swoon-inducing and this easy has my vote!

    And...Dave has me laughing this morning with his merry murderesses!

  5. Congratulations on the blog's anniversary. I like this simple, but delicious dish. Thanks.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. Avery - what a wonderful way to start out our anniversary week. Now I want to head out for a taste of Tartufo cheese, too! Congratulations on your awesome RT review. Four stars!! Woo-hoo!!


  7. Just found this blog thanks to Julie Hyzy's visit to The Writer's Chat Room last night. You have greatly expanded my list of books to read. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  8. It sounds lovely. I'm off to see exactly what my market has to offer for cheese. I feel the need to stock up. LOL

  9. Has it really been a year? I try to stop by a couple of times a week and take a peak at what's cooking. You guys post some WONDERFUL recipes that's for sure. I have Riley's, Avery's and Julie's new books packed to take on vacation later this week. I also have the first of the Coffee shop series by Cleo to take-but I may take that book out and take the 3rd of her "Ghost and..."books instead. Can't wait to visit the cheese shop.
    Caryn in St.Louis

  10. I really love this blog. Next to chocolate, cheese is my favorite food. I'm looking forward to reading The Long Quiche Goodbye.

  11. Mega Congratulations on a year at blogging here! I love this blog and read it religiously! LOL

    I don't think I've ever eaten a cheese made out of sheep's milk. I might have to think about that. :-)

  12. I love it when food induces swoons (swooning?) Thanks for this brilliant, elegant and simple idea, Avery. Love the boy on the floor! So dramatic.


    Closet Confidential: a Charlotte Adams mystery

  13. Wow, I'm on the west coast and there are sure a lot of comments today! Thanks to all for your kudos or comments re: The Long Quiche Goodbye. I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed this post, the cheese, our blog for A YEAR! What fun it's been. This is such a great group of authors.

    Bookwoman, cheese and chocolate...recipe coming up in a few weeks that combines both.

    Kay - sheep's milk. My favorite "easy" cheese is Manchego. It could easily be substituted for this Tartufo in this "easy" recipe. {Getting my drift?] Nutty, smooth.

    And Caffeey - I enjoy Havarti, too. It melts beautifully and has a nice zing to the flavor.


  14. Wow! You write mysteries, reserch cheese and develop recipes, maintain a web site, and write blogs for numerous sites. You are one busy lady who puts the rest of us shame. I think you need the pleasure that cheese gives you.
    The Tartufo with truffles sounds truly intriguing. I've always wondered what truffles taste like, so I'll definitely have to try the Taratufo -- while trying not to think of my cholesterol intake.
    Grace Topping

  15. Avery glad to see you sharing more recipes now I will have to go shopping and I did finally get your book and will be reading it next. I can not wait to get started. Nothing better then cheese for comfort food.

  16. I have never heard of this chees I will have to see if I can find here. And I love the pics with the blog today. So great!

  17. Love the picture of swooning for cheese.

    Sounds yummy.

  18. Congrats on the anniversary, ladies!

    This cheese sounds divine, especially with the honey. I can't wait to see the rest of the meal this week. :)

  19. So lovely to see all of you posting today. Somebody must want a cheese knife or an ice cream maker!!! :)

    BTW, if eaten in moderation, cheese really shouldn't be a worry with cholesterol. Especially if eaten while sipping wine. The two combined...well, the French seem to have it down in that regard. And the Italians...and maybe the Americans...certainly Californians. I digress..

    Best to all.

  20. LOVE your son getting into the act. (He's a cutie, too!) And your tip on using honey with the Tartufo is inspired -- sounds amazing.

    Happy Anniversary to
    my writing and blogging pal!!!

    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  21. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to try the recipe.

  22. Happy Anniversary! I'm in the mood for grilled cheese...grilled cream cheese that is.

  23. I have convinced my ten year old and thirteen year old that bread and cheese and fruit is a great dinner. My daughter prefers mushroom brie!

  24. Nothing better than a simple meal of fruit and cheese. Mushroom Brie sounds interesting, too. I bet that could make a good grilled cheese.

  25. Happy Blogaversary!!
    Fun post. I will have to try the cheese.

  26. One of the reasons I'm looking forward to reading your books is to hear about great cheeses that I haven't run into before. I'm off to find some Tartufo. I just won't tell my husband what truffles are.

  27. Jacqueline, LoL. Carrots come from underground, too. Do not fear truffles. They're simply mysterious. ;)

  28. Happy blogaversary!!! I know I was excited to hit that one year mark. I'm now getting close to the 2 year mark, scary!

    Congrats, and I loved today's post!

    kelly heet at aol dot com

  29. Received my copy of the Long Quiche Goodbye and can't wait to start it now. Also thank you for the magnet and note!!

  30. Thanks to ll for the great anniversary wishes! Idell, so glad you liked the magnet. :) Hope you enjoy the read!