Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shall we meringue?

Okay, so the dance is merengue and
the yummy food in meringue. Still, I
think we should merengue
while we meringue. Yes?
Cool, try not to sprain anything!

For months, I have had meringues on the brain.
I blame Cleo and Krista. Since they
posted their recipes -- click their names
to be wowed -- I have been thinking
non stop about meringues as my work
in progress will attest.
(I'll meringue a cupcake yet!!!)

So I was chit chatting about my
meringue obsession with my boss Marijo,
and she told me about a pie her mother
makes that I simply had to try. Thankfully,
she was kind enough to share the recipe
(thanks, Marijo and Mom)!

Meringue Pie

4 egg whites
1 tsp vinegar
1 cup sugar

Make the meringue crust the day before
you need the pie. Beat egg whites and vinegar,
gradually adding the sugar. When peaks stiffly
form, put into a pie pan that is well greased
and floured. Fill it, making sure it is level.
Bake 45 min at 300 degrees. Take it out and
put it away for one day (I put mine in the
microwave since we weren't using it).


1/2 pint heavy whipping cream
3 tbspns sugar
1 tspn vanilla

Whip the cream adding sugar and
vanilla. Fill in the meringue crust,
which should have fallen and
conformed to the pie dish.
Garnish with toasted almonds
(I used cinnamon dusted pecan chips
because that's what I had).

OMG! This was awesome!
A perfectly light and fluffy summer

Now, I have some news.
First, the happy news:
has been picked up by a publisher
in Japan. This is very exciting for me.
I can not wait to see what the
translation will look like!
And now the sad (for me) news. I will be taking the
month of July off from Mystery Lover's Kitchen,
so that I can focus on meeting several impending
deadlines. I will miss you all very much, but here's the
great news for you: Wendy Lyn Watson has graciously
agreed to fill in for me while I'm away! I am delighted.
Wendy is a fabulous writer and says she has loads of
recipes to share. Yay! Thanks, Wendy, for stepping
in as the Wednesday gal. I know you'll have a lovely
time in the kitchen!

Happy eating and reading, everyone. I'll see you in a month!!!

And finally, do not forget that the much anticipated releases of
are coming out NEXT WEEK!!! Yippee! And if you haven't picked
up GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, do so now. It's fabulous!

Oh, and the clock is ticking if you want to enter Avery's contest:

Avery Aames is celebrating the upcoming release of The Long Quiche Goodbye.

Avery's "You Be The Sleuth" Contest!

Avery’s first book in A Cheese Shop Mystery series, The Long Quiche Goodbye, debuts July 6. To celebrate its release, Avery is running a contest from June 9 to July 6! You be the sleuth! Track down the recipe on Avery's website that includes eggs, Edam, and white pepper. Enter your answer by clicking on this link: CONTEST ENTRY FORM.

One of you will win a $25 gift certificate at your favorite bookstore. Two of you will win signed copies of The Long Quiche Goodbye. Three of you will win a Long Quiche Goodbye magnet. You can ask friends for help. Spread the word and share the fun. And while you're there, consider pre-ordering a book on Avery's booksellers page.

Here is the link to Avery’s website to help get you started.

There, now I'm done...really!


  1. I'm with you, Jenn. Krista's elegant dessert and Cleo's clouds (I didn't click, I know exactly which recipes you're talking about!) have become wonderful additions to my repertoire. And now I have your meringue pie to try. Oh, it looks fabulous! Thanks so much!


  2. A meringue pie, what a neat recipe. Thanks. Congratulations on SPRINKLE WITH MURDER being picked up by a publisher in Japan. Hope your work goes smoothly in July. You'll be missed, but look forward to seeing what Wendy has in store for us.
    Happy writing.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. I've never heard of a meringue pie without some sort of fruit. I loooove meringue, though, so I know I will snarf this!

    Congratulations on becoming an international author! I can't wait to see your Japanese book cover.

    Don't work too hard during your time away, Jenn.

    And thanks, Wendy, for coming on board to fill in for Jenn! In case anyone doesn't know Wendy, she writes an ice cream series. What could be more perfect for summer?

    ~ Krista

  4. That meringue looks delicious! And only a few ingredients--sounds perfect!

    Jenn, hope you have a great vacation...and welcome, Wendy!

  5. Wonderful recipe! Another one for my files. I'll echo congrats on the Japanese 'deal', Jenn! Hope you enjoy your summer.


    Closet Confidential: a Charlotte Adams mystery

  6. Thanks for the congrats, everyone!
    With two books and a proposal due in the next
    three months, it's going to be BUSY! But I love
    it! I'll be popping in (I hope) to check on recipes and news. So keep them coming!

    Have a great summer!

  7. Jenn this pie looks absolutely fabulous. You're right - it is a perfect summer pie. I can't wait to make it (and experiment with it a bit as you did). So thanks to you, Marijo, and (and Marijo's mom)! Congrats to you on the Japanese sale. I love my Coffeehouse Mystery and Haunted Bookshop editions from Kodansha. They are amazing (little illustrations, etc...) I'm sure you'll love yours, too. I will miss you so much this month. Of course, I love Wendy and I know she'll do a great job keeping your stove warm until you return.

    ~ Cleo
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

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