Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome Guest Blogger—Laura Childs

Laura Childs Our guest blogger today is Laura Childs, author of the recent New York Times Bestseller,Eggs Benedict Arnold. Welcome, Laura!

Happy New Year, Mystery Lovers! I hope everyone is staying warm and taking time to curl up with a good cozy mystery. If you’re looking for a new series, you might even enjoy my Cackleberry Club Mysteries.

In Eggs Benedict Arnold, the second in the series, café owners Suzanne, Toni, and Petra have lost their husbands and found independence in each other – as well as a life raft of support and inspiration. But when the local mortician is found dead on his own slab, who would have guessed these three women would be working a double shift as amateur sleuths?

Halfway between a cozy and a thriller (a thrillzy?), Eggs Benedict Arnold delivers a double dose of smart, slightly crazy women, pulse-pounding action, recipes, knitting, and a dash of spirituality. The book is also affordably priced at $7.99 and just spent two weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Eggs Benedict Arnold is definitely a fun, fast-paced culinary read. Plus you’ll love Cackleberry Club recipes such as Brown Sugar Meatloaf, Cheddar Cheese Biscuits, and Upside Down French Toast. And that special recipe for Eggs Benedict Arnold? Here it is!

Eggs Benedict Arnold

4 strips thick-cut bacon

2 eggs, poached

English muffin, toasted

English Cheddar, ¼ cup shredded

Hollandaise sauce (jar or made from scratch)

Parsley, chopped

Using an oven-safe plate or shallow bowl, place strips of fried, crispy bacon on top of open-face toasted English muffin. Add poached eggs and top with Hollandaise sauce. Sprinkle on English cheddar cheese and toast under broiler for about 45 seconds. Top with fresh, chopped parsley for garnish. Note: To make your Eggs Benedict Arnold even more British, substitute EggsBenedictArnoldbangers (British sausages) for the bacon.

Laura Childs is the author of the Cackleberry Club Mysteries,

Tea Shop Mysteries, and Scrapbooking Mysteries.

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  1. Welcome, Laura!! And are you the one who coined the term Thrillzy? I've heard it and used it a *lot* - perfect description! Congratulations on the NYT list!! Thanks for visiting us here on Mystery Lovers Kitchen and thanks for the recipe!

  2. Welcome back, Laura! Sending you a mouthwatering slice of congratulations on Eggs Benedict Arnold making The New York Times Best Seller List!

    Cheers and happy writing!

    ~ Cleo

  3. Laura, thanks for joining us. Eggs Benedict Arnold is a fun title. I'm sure the book will be a fun read, like your first. Congrats for making the NYT Best Seller List. Wow!

  4. Thanks for joining us today, Laura. Congrats on the NYT list! Very exciting!

    ~ Krista

  5. Hello Laura! I enjoyed this interview. Congrats on the best seller list :) I love your tea shop mysteries! I have yet to start reading the Cackleberry Club mysteries but they are definitely on my list!


  6. Sounds like a great bunch of characters, Laura. The recipes you listed sound fabulous too!

  7. Hi, Laura!

    Thanks for visiting today! The dudes love anything with bacon, so we'll definitely be
    trying your recipe! Congrats on the NYT!

  8. Thanks so much for visiting today, Laura!

    One of the favorite things for my family is Breakfast for Dinner. This will work out great for us...thanks!


  9. I've yet to read this series, but love the Tea Shop and your scrapbooking series is fantastic! Carmela's Memory Mine is just the type store I had wanted to find when living in New Orleans. Now to find "Eggs in Purgatory" and meet the Cackleberry Club.

    This recipe sounds totally divine, cholesterol notwithstanding and would be perfect for a small brunch. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This sounds delicious. I can't wait to meet the Cackleberry Club women! Thank for the books and the recipe.

  11. Congratulations on making the New York Times Bestsellers List, Laura. Eggs Benedict Arnold is a great book loaded with fun and interesting characters. The recipe looks great.

  12. Thanks to all who wished me well on the New York Times - it was quite a thrill. And, yes, I'm the one who coined the term "thrillzy" a number of years ago. I think what we write is often a thrillzy - a nice combination of a cozy with the fast-paced storyline of a thriller.

    Love to all!
    Laura Childs