Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Congrats to our final winner!
Molly Ebert of Indiana won our
last $25 Williams-Sonoma gift
certificate! Stay tuned for more
contests in the future!

And now, who is CHO? Well, he's the man I call
"the Hub", aka Chris Hansen Orf, a Phoenix
based musician and music writer. (The Hub
is an encyclopedia of music knowledge, truly, I don't
even bother to take him on in that category in Trivial
Pursuit because it's just too demoralizing).

He is also an excellent cook, whose skills are most exemplified
in the meat department. When asked to prepare supper, he
does it with gusto and when dinner is served it is generally a
beautifully grilled piece of meat. No salad. No sides. No, I'm not
kidding. When I inquire as to side dishes, he looks perplexed. And
I know he is thinking why do you need sides when you have meat?
And then one day I came home and found the Hub in the
kitchen, chopping...VEGETABLES!

I hit him with a quick marriage
based quiz, answers that only my
true husband would know, because
I was thinking we had an alien
abduction happening or perhaps a
clone gone awry. But he knew the

What caused his sudden need for veggies?
He said he had a craving for tomatos that
could not be ignored. Thus proving my theory
that the body will crave what it truly needs,
so you should listen to it when it says,
"Chocolate cake." But that's another blog!

And so here is the Hub's recipe for the best salsa ever.
Honestly, I would eat this stuff with a shovel if I could!


1 finely chopped habanero pepper(hot)**
1 finely chopped serano chili pepper
1 finely chopped (seeded) jalapeno pepper
3 tomatoes quartered and chopped in a Krups food processor
3 finely diced (seeded) tomatoes
1 tbspn chopped cilantro
1 tbspn chopped green onion
2 cloves garlic minced
Mix ingredients in a large bowl, then strain. Then add:
Juice of 2 limes, hand squeezed into salsa
1 tspn salt
1 tbspn fine tequila (Cabo Wabo)**

**The dudes love their dad’s salsa, too, but for a more kid friendly
version, we leave out the habaneros and the tequila.

When asked how he thought of the tequila, which in my opinion
"makes" it, Hub said, "I'd always thought that adding a bit of a good
reposado tequila (not Jose Cuervo or any other cheap, rotgut tequila)
might mingle nicely with the lime and the salt in the salsa, like in a good
margarita, so one day I figured what the heck and added a TBSP of
Cabo Wabo to one batch, loaded it up on a tortilla chip and after that
first taste, I knew I had created the perfect salsa."

And so we share with you...ENJOY!

Jenn McKinlay SPRINKLE WITH MURDER March 2010
aka Lucy Lawrence STUCK ON MURDER Sept 2009


  1. Jenn -- I *love* salsa and have been trying to come up with a homemade recipe. This one sounds absolutely fabulous! Tell your Hub thanks!


  2. This looks sooooo good! I'm in an airport now, on my way back home, and this is making me so hungry!


  3. We are salsa fanatics and I'm sure my hubby would love this. Of course, since one of my two kiddos loves salsa, we'd have to make a second bowl in the kid-friendly version!

  4. Adding tequila, a good tequila, is a brilliant suggestion! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Okay, this has nothing to do with salsa (though I plan to try this recipe!) but a comment on earlier recipies, just tried this week.
    Both county and state fairs are over now and my 4-H grandkids always like to deliver treats to the folks who buy their animals. So we delivered Banana bars to the gal who bought two lambs, Tinkerbells to the gal who bought 8 rabbits and Cuppa Joe Mocha Drops to the man who bought a pig. Double recipies were made so the family could try some, too, and all got rave reviews!!!
    You all will probably read this blog, but I'm going to copy and paste on each one to be sure you each get your just due. Yum and thanks.

  6. Kathleen-

    Tinkerbells for rabbits -- I love it!!!Thrilled that the 4H went so well and thanks for letting us know that the recipes are hits.

  7. Jenn - my Hub and I just spent our lunch hour discussing the genius that is adding tequila to salsa. (We also appreciate the tip on springing for the quality brand - this will keep us from being our usual cheap selves.) Major props for the habaneros, too. Gotta respect a guy willing to slice those hot mamas! Major thumbs up for the recipe!!!

    P.S. To Kathleen: So glad to hear you liked my Cuppa Joe Mocha Drops, too. You're the sweetest! LOL!

    "Where coffee and crime are always brewing..."
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  8. Thanks, Kathleen! It's terrific to know that the banana bars were a hit.

    Jenn, I love the idea of adding tequila. Very clever! A word to the wise, though -- hot peppers can burn your skin. I learned the hard way one Fourth of July when I made salsa. My hands didn't turn red, but did they ever burn! Now I wear disposable gloves when I cut hot peppers. I've never understood why they burn skin but we have no problems eating them!

  9. My husband loves salsa. Might have to leave out the habanero pepper, neither one of can handle very spicy anymore. However, our 11 year old grandson would love it. The hotter the better.