Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eggstra Contest!

Instead of a recipe today, I'm announcing Two Contests! Not only do we have our Secret Ingredient contest still running (see below), but I am pleased to announce a brand new one as well.

Next Tuesday, January 5th, my third White House Chef mystery - Eggsecutive Orders will be released. As this story opens, Ollie and her team are banished from the White House after a guest dies at dinner with the president.

Did I mention that this happens a mere week before the annual Egg Roll? And that Ollie's mom and grandmother are about to arrive for a visit? Ollie had been looking forward to showing her family the White House and to taking them on a private tour. But now her plans, her career, and her relationship with Tom are all in hot water.

So do you think that makes this cozy "hard-boiled"? ;-)
Sorry, sorry, can't help myself....

But all this brings me to news of a special and eggciting contest.

Starting today, right now
"Spot the Book"

Rules are simple... just spot Eggsecutive Orders at your local bookstore and let me know what date and where, and you are entered.

Booksellers often put new titles out the week before their official release (unless it's Harry Potter, of course), but I'll be running this contest for 2 weeks through January 11th. On January 12th, I'll announce the name of one lucky spotter who will win a $25 bookstore gift certificate.

So, if you're shopping, take a moment to check out your local indie bookstore, or your nearest chain. One entry per location per person. So, that means if you spot Eggsecutive Orders at three different bookstores, you can enter three times. (If you also tell me how many copies are in stock, I'll put your name in for an extra chance!) Send your updates to me at JulieHyzy@gmail.com.

Yes, this is a new e-mail address. Had a little problem with a hacker... long story.

And because I don't want anyone to be left out, you can also enter by finding Eggsecutive Orders available on Internet sites. In that case, just forward the link to me.

Doesn't that sound easy? It is.

Knowing when the books hit the shelves (and where) will help me a lot.

Just e-mail me with bookstore and date (and number of copies, if you like) and I'll announce the winner on January 12th. Got all that?

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me ;-)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Secret Ingredient contest....

We will be having another Iron Chef-like event here in a few weeks, and Janel won a Junior's Cheesecake for her secret ingredient (which will be announced soon)!

But while we Mystery Lovers' Kitchen chefs are dreaming up ideas for Janel's ingredient, we're eager for more. Keep sending your ideas and you could win.... CHOCOLATE.


Some of the best chocolate on the planet is produced by Fannie May Candies. The NEXT secret ingredient winner will have his or her choice of several Fannie May assortments up to a value of $25 (plus I'll pay shipping). I'll be in touch once a winner is announced. Check out the Fannie May website for an idea of what you could win!

Well, I've probably over-talked here today ... I promise a really cool recipe next Tuesday ... a dessert I served on Christmas Eve that was a huge hit.

Hope you participate in Spot the Book and let me know where the EGGS are hiding ;-)

Can you tell I'm eggstatic about this new release?

Have a great week!

Author of the White House Chef Mysteries.


  1. I love Spot the Book! What a fun contest, Julie! And I'm eggstatic about your new release, too!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm glad you think it's fun. I thought it might be, too. The last two books came out about a week early, and I'm hoping that holds true for EGGS too!


  3. What a eggciting contest. And I was already planning a trip to Barnes and Noble today. Now I have something extra to look for and ask about. Congratulations on the upcoming release.

  4. I finished reading State of the Onion a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it! I still have to buy Hail to the Chef, but now I can also look forward to buying Eggsecutive Orders! Great job, Julie. The awards are well-deserved.

  5. Have fun at BN today, Mason! I love browsing bookstores... an eggceptional way to spend the day ;-)

    Thanks, Linda! That's so nice of you to say. :-)


  6. Julie, I'm egg-static over your spot the book contest. What a clever idea!

  7. Eggscellent contest idea, Julie.
    Where shell I begin first? Truly,
    I'm so eggcited for your release,
    I'm positively scrambled. LOL!
    Okay, I've beaten it to death.
    I'll stop yoking now, really, I
    wouldn't want anyone to think
    I'm over easy. Okay, that was

  8. EGGsactly the

    EGGstra kick in the pants I need to

    EGGSplore my local independent Mystery specialty Store.

    EGGStreme good luck climbing the bestseller charts

  9. Julie - I can't wait to read Ollie's next eggs-citing adventure! (These puns must be killing you -- or cracking you up...okay that's enough...)


    Looking forward to seeing Eggsecutive Orders on the bookstore shelves!

    ~ Cleo

  10. Oh, boy, I don't think I can come up with any more egg puns. But the contest does sound great!

  11. LOL!!
    All your posts are so eggshilariting! I'm eggstatic to see everybody getting in on the action. I can't get enough of this ... so keep coddling me...
    You guys really do crack me up.
    Sorry, but this is eggstremely fun. The yolks are all on me ;-) and I'm loving it!


  12. I spelled eggshilarating wrong :-(
    (like there's actually a *right* way LOL)

  13. LOL Julie! I've already preordered the ebook from Books on Board, and that brings up a question. For the internet portion of the contest, does it count if you can preorder the book from the site, or does it have to be immediately available?

  14. While I am out and about I will look for the book. Posted this on my blog.

  15. Shel - pre-ordering is cool! Thanks! I didn't even know about Books on Board so I just learned something!

    Thanks so much, Cyn! That's great!


  16. Julie, I love the idea of your eggsciting contest! What fun! I didn't think anyone could top Jenn's post, but I think A Year on the Grill may have!

    ~ Krista

  17. Krista - i agree. He had me rolling. Love it!

  18. Why do eggs prefer comedies to dramas? Because they like the yolks.

    My brain is scrambled and I can't think of another egg pun. (And that's probably good.)

    Great contest!

  19. Thanks, Lady PI -- that was eggcellent!! LOL