Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monstrous snacks!

We are Halloween people,
the sort who string pumpkin
lights all over the house, start
sketching our jack-o-lantern
faces weeks in advance, know
all of the words to The Monster
Mash and start buying candy
to give out a month ahead
of time because you have to
sample the goods, if you know
what I mean.

My sons have been lobbying for the front yard to be converted
into a full graveyard and have great plans to put in some coffins
so they can jump out at unsuspecting trick or treaters.
Oh yes, we do love Halloween.

Now being a candy-freak, I have to be ever vigilant that I do
not let my love of all things sweet get out of control, especially
with my dudes. I am always looking for the healthy alternative and
one of my favorite resources is Family Fun Magazine. It is always
loaded with great ideas for fun and food all year round. The following
two snack ideas were found at
and I can testify that the dudes loved them, both the making and the

Monster Fingers and Eyeballs!


Cheese sticks
Green Bell Pepper
Cream Cheese
Sliced Olives

For the monster fingers, unwrap a cheese stick and make three slices where each knuckle should be. Then take a short strip of green bell pepper and put it on the end to create the finger nail. I've found that a dab of cream cheese under the pepper helps to keep it in place.

For the monster eyes, slice the fat end of a large carrot to about an inch thick, put a dab of cream cheese on it and then press in a sliced black olive.

Spooky and yummy and best of all nutritional! Now go scare up some candy.

Happy Halloween from me and my monsters to you and yours! Boo!

Jenn McKinlay SPRINKLE WITH MURDER March 2010

aka Lucy Lawrence STUCK ON MURDER Sept 2009


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  1. Jenn, I love the fingers and eyeballs. Going to share with my step-daughter. And a yard full of graves? Very Disney! Heh-heh. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.*

  2. What a cute picture of your family! I love those fingers. They couldn't be creepier! I have some monster eyeballs coming up on Saturday, too. Those olive slices make the best eyes!


  3. Love these ideas, Jenn! Those fingers are too fun! And your family pic is great - your dudes are adorable!


  4. Jenn - Okay, NOW I'm ready for Halloween. You truly captured the "spirits" of the holiday!!! Love the ghoulish recipe ideas and especially love the family portait. Awesome!

    "Where coffee and crime are always brewing..."
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  5. Cute, cute picture! And I *love* the disembodied monster fingers! I'm feeling the Halloween!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Thanks, ladies! It is a great holiday, isn't
    it? I think I am dressing up as a lady bug
    this year. Anyone else?

  7. Those are really cute, but I can't stomach eating anything that looks gross or disgusting, even if I know what it is!