Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Hot Dish: Shepherd's Pie

Ta Da! The winner of our

drawing for an autographed

copy of Sally Goldenbaum’s

book is Janel from Michigan.

Congratulations, Janel!

The happiest day of my year, every year, is when

the temperature outside finally drops below 90.

Yes, I said 90. I live in the Southwest and believe

me when you suffer through stretches of 115 degree

days, 90 is almost chilly. Seriously, I consider 70

cold and pull on my hat and mittens if it drops into

the 60’s. So, last week when it dropped to 88 (brr)

degrees, I fired up my oven to bake one of my favorite

cold weather hot dishes – Shepherd’s Pie!

Easy Shepherd's Pie

(Cottage Pie in the UK)

1 pound lean

ground beef
1 teaspoon

Worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper

to taste

1 cup frozen

mixed veggies

(corn, carrots and peas)
6 medium potatoes,

peeled, boiled, and


1 cup cheddar cheese

Brown ground beef. Drain grease if necessary. Simmer
beef and season with
Worcestershire sauce, salt, and
pepper. While simmering add frozen vegetables.
vegetables are warmed through, pour mixture into a 2 qt
casserole dish. Spread mashed potatoes on top (should be
about an inch thick). Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and
bake at 350° until cheese is browned on top, about 25 to
35 minutes.
I like to serve it with homemade biscuits.

Jenn McKinlay


March 2010

aka Lucy Lawrence


Sept 2009


  1. The recipe sounds good. I was trying to come up with something new to use ground beef - didn't want the usual hamburgers or meatloaf. This will be a great recipe to try and where I live it does get cool. Our lows have been in the upper 40s a couple of nights already and the 50s. Can't wait to try the recipe.

  2. Oh, that looks good. Mom used to make it with leftover roast, but with the ground beef, you wouldn't have to wait for leftovers. LOL There are seven humans in my house, so leftovers are rare, anyway. Putting this one into my notebook.

    Hey--will this become a cookbook some day?

  3. Looks yummy. Even for 88 degrees! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, haven't seen 90 degrees here for a while. We're in the 40s overnight and 60s during the day, but I'm enjoying the season immensely. Sweatshirts are required but jackets are still hanging in the closet for another week or so. Makes for excellent sleeping weather.

    I've heard of Shepherd's Pie but never tried it. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


  5. We're getting colder, too. 90? Hard to imagine right now! Your recipe sounds great. Yummy comfort food for cold days.


  6. Thank you for doing the contest for Sally's book. I can't wait to read it!

    I am going to make this for supper tonight. Today's high is in the 50's, so I won't mind firing up the oven at all.

  7. Yes, hot here too--but just up to 82, so not as bad as you!

    I just happen to have some frozen, mixed veggies, so I'm thinking this looks like supper. Thanks!


  8. Thanks everyone! It is one of my faves. There
    are only four humans in my house, but three are of the male persuasion, one of which we call "the hoove" (as in Hoover vacuum), so there are seldom any leftovers here either. Thus the ground beef. I think in the UK, they use mutton. For me, it's the potatoes and cheese. I could just eat the top and be happy!
    I do think we have the beginnings of a fabulous cookbook!

  9. Oh, that photo makes me want to dig right in. My husband love's Shepard's Pie, and I have yet to make it for him. Now I have no excuse! Much appreciate the dude-tested recipe! LOL!

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    "Where coffee and crime are always brewing..."