Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bouchercon Excitement

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I'm taking the day off from recipes and instead choosing to talk about celebrations. As in - let's have Cosmos!

As my blog-sisters have already so kindly announced, at Bouchercon this weekend I was awarded both the Barry Award and the Anthony Award for State of the Onion in the Best Paperback Original Category. Wow! Wow! Wow! I am wildly excited, and there were times during the ceremonies Thursday and Saturday nights that I could barely breathe, let alone talk.

This is right after the Barry Award ceremony concluded. I seriously never imagined winning. I was ecstatic just to be nominated. Really, really. Having never been shortlisted before, I didn't know if people were lying when they said "It's enough of an honor just to be nominated," but they're not. That is totally true. I was so happy to have been nominated and I worried for the coming of Bouchercon, because that meant my nominee status was about to end.

But then the unexpected happened and they called my name. Wow. What an incredible feeling.

Before I go any further, I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever read any of my books and commented favorably on them -- whether it be to a friend, or in an Amazon review, or on Dorothy L., or online anywhere. Thank you. There were enough people who liked the book to vote for it and I am completely blown away by this. I never expected to win. Never.

I'm telling you - this was so totally unexpected.

But, in the spirit of good food and ... spirits... let's talk about celebrating. Do you have a go-to celebratory treat? My husband and I go to Cooper's Hawk restaurant when we're in the mood to celebrate and we might go there tomorrow night. (Kid-related stuff prevents going out Monday.) Cooper's Hawk is a local, very cool restaurant, and it's definitely a go-to ... both for special events and for when we just need a great evening out. So, tonight!

My celebratory drink is the Raspberry Lemon Drop which I posted here a while back. When I can't get that, I opt for a Cosmo.

Can I take a commercial break here and tell you how great the women on this blog are? Daryl was at Bouchercon all weekend and Saturday, on our way to Lee Child's party, she told me to take today off from posting a recipe (thank goodness... I'm still totally nuts in the head!) and she took a boatload of pictures when I was too stunned to even realize pictures should be taken. The shots on this blog are ones she took (or had taken with her camera). Is she a doll or what? Everybody around Bouchercon wasn't calling her Daryl, or even Avery. They were all calling her The Cheese Shop Lady. Isn't that cool?

I had no Internet access whatsoever for the whole trip, so Daryl texted Cleo with all the news, and then Cleo updated this blog. Thank you Cleo! That was the nicest congratulatory post! I love these women. I know you all do too. What a great group!

Here's a picture Daryl took at the party. Lee Child looks fabulous, of course. I did that "smile too hard" thing ... oops. But hey, what's a couple extra chins when you're having so much fun, right? LOL

Anyway, I wanted to share my excitement with everyone on this blog, and I wanted to also share some fun pictures. You'll recognize a few familiar faces and names, I'm sure. I posted pictures of the actual awards (they're *gorgeous*) on my other blog: Here.

The weekend was as fabulous as it gets. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Curt and the girls could have come down. Indianapolis is close enough ... only about three hours away... but my youngest had a marching band parent event that night and we couldn't both be in both places...

But, no complaints. This was my best Bouchercon ever. Just a wonderful, fabulous event and so incredibly well run. Jim Huang, Mike Bursaw, Austin Lugar, and so many others did an amazing job. (I hate to name names because I know I'll inadvertently leave people out.) This was a great Bouchercon because there were so many new, innovative ideas. So many great opportunities. Loved every minute!

So, without further ado, here are some photos:

With Sheila Connolly who has guest-blogged here. Sheila writes the Apple Orchard mysteries, and as Sarah Atwell, the Glassblowing mysteries. And she's got a new series coming out too!

From L to R, Neil Plakcy who writes the award-winning Mahu series (Mahu Surfer, Mahu Fire, Mahu Vice), Rosemary Harris whose Pushing Up Daisies was nominated for an Anthony for Best First Novel, me and Hank Philippi Ryan whose Prime Time won the Agatha for best first and whose Air Time was recently released and is on the IMBA bestseller list. (Along with Face Time in pb!)

Here I am with Chris Grabenstein whose The Crossroads won an Anthony for Best Children's/Young Adult.
I love Chris. He's great and so much fun!
This is Gigi Pandain (oh, I know I'm spelling that incorrectly), me and Daryl smiling for the camera.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for supporting me and for all the great and exciting good wishes and thanks for being part of this blog!


  1. Julie,

    I love the pics, the awards, your grins and the wonderful feeling that this is just the beginning of an amazing ride for you. Congratulations. You deserve all of it -- especially the raspberry lemon drop!

  2. Julie, I am so happy for you, as I've mentioned about twenty times between blogs and FB :-) I'm crossing my fingers your awards carry you far. Still hoping for that signing at Books on First in Jan. or Feb. so I can rejoice with you in person!

  3. You look so happy in the pictures...and I'm so happy for you! What a *thrilling* evening. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time at Cooper's Hawk--you deserve it!!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us ... What a wonderful evening. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations, you deserve both awards.

  6. Julie - The awards are really beautiful (and so are you, by the way)! Those pics are the best. I'm so happy that you took some time out today to share the excitement of the Con and the writers who were there cheering you on.

    Even though some of us couldn't be there with you, your fellow mystery writing cooks were absolutely thrilled to hear the news of your wins (via breaking news texting bulletins from Avery!!) We really felt we were there with you in spirit and we're all so proud of you!!!

    Now celebrate with your family (you have really, really earned it)...and far in the future, on a down or gloomy day, look at those awards and let the spirit that lives in them lift you up again. That's what all awards for writers should do--keep them going and absolutely keep them writing!


  7. Jenn - that raspberry lemon drop is on the agenda tonight! I'm so glad you liked the pics. Daryl was my guardian angel, making sure there memories were being captured.

    Shel - you are so great. I hope to make it there early next year, too!

    Elizabeth - thanks! My family has been so patient, listening to me yap and yap and yap about the weekend. I think my husband deserves the drink!

    Thanks, Molly - it really was a magical evening!

    Thank you , Canyonson! :-)

    Cleo - you're the best. Thanks for updating the blog so fabulously. Thanks for that wonderful shout out. I felt so cut off because of my Internet issues, but Daryl said you were keeping tabs and I know how amazing you are! I couldn't wait to get back to our blog. Thank you!!!!

  8. Julie, I am absolutely thrilled for you! We had such fun following Daryl and Cleo's updates. It was the next best thing to being there with you.

    Enjoy your celebration tonight!


  9. Thanks, Krista. I have to tell you all how great it was to know you were all pulling for me.

    Looking forward to a nice, celebratory evening tonight!