Friday, August 21, 2009

Cleo Coyle's Fast Frappuccino

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Well, it finally arrived--the sticky, sweltering oven that is August in New York. On these warm, airless days (so still that nary a gum wrapper stirs), a hot cup of coffee holds less than its usual appeal for me. My solution: chill it!
Despite making my living by the bean, I am not a fan of traditional iced coffee (too watery), but I am a huge fan of frozen coffee frappes.
ou may know this drink by any number of names: Frappuccino is the most common. That's the term Starbucks trademarked after buying the Coffee Connection chain in New England, which had previously trademarked the term.
Or maybe you know the drink as a Coolatta (Dunkin' Donuts version) or a Mochalatta (Cinnabon's version). Then there's the very latest entry into the coffee bar business: McDonald's. Their McCafe frozen coffee drink is simply listed on their menu as an Iced Vanilla Latte or Iced Mocha.
Well, now it's time for the Chilly Cleoccino! Yes, my own easy (and smart) home version of this popular summer drink. Why so smart?...The typical first step in a drink like this is to make "double-strength" coffee. The reason is to keep the coffee flavor from being diluted by the additoin of ice. My solution? Don't use ice. Make ice out of your coffee. Even better, use your leftover Joe for this recipe...

To get my Iced Cappuccino
and Iced Mocha recipes,
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One last note. My husband and I often save up coffee all day long to put in our ice trays. The best way to do this is to pour the dregs of each pot into a special container that you can store in the fridge. Keep it there all day (or even two days), continually adding the remnants of your coffee pots until you have enough leftover Joe to fill an ice tray.

My final tip for these hot August days: CHILL, BABY! CHILL!

~Cleo Coyle
"Where coffee and crime are always brewing...

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  1. Great solution, Cleo! I love my coffee, but it is HOT outside now. Chilled coffee fits the bill...thanks!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Cleo, I have enjoyed your coffee series. Keep up the great work.

    Looking forward to spending my gift card. Thank you,

    Ellen in jax. fl.

  3. Chilly Cleoccino! LOL Love it!


  4. Going to have to try a Cleoccino. My husband is the iced coffee drinker. But this sounds great!


  5. Cleo, you are my hero! I've developed a very expensive addiction to Coolattas this summer and have been searching for a good recipe. My last attempt was a vile concoction, so I am all over this one! Thank you!!

  6. Donald and I are admitted coffee-holics. Can't wait to try this. Thanks!

  7. Elizabeth - For sure. Stay cool!

    Ellen - Thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy to hear that you're also a reader of my Coffeehouse Mysteries - lol. Congrats on winning our drawing, too. Williams-Sonoma is a great store. Buy something wonderful for yourself!

    Avery - Shout-out to your coffee-drinking husband! I hope he likes the recipe.

    Jessica - Gourmet Girl is in the House! Everyone, Jessica is the author of the Gourmet Girl Mysteries - a wonderful culinary mystery series. Click her name to learn more. Hope you like the recipe, J. I tried a few ways to make this drink and IMO this one's the best, fastest, and easiest.

    Kaye - You are very welcome. Thanks for dropping by, and now that you've commented you are officially entered in our next drawing. Good luck!

    ~Cleo Coyle

  8. Julie! - Missed you on the above. Wanted to say thanks for the Cleoccino shout-out. It's not exactly White House worthy - just quick and dirty. I'm pretty sure your WH Chef Ollie would use espresso ice cubes and Belgian chocolate sauce!


  9. Listen, dollface, I've heard of cooking coffee over campfires and perculating it on the stove. I even heard some fool named Napier concocted a crazy looking vaccuum to suck it into one pot then drop it down into another, but freezing Joe in ice trays and scrambling it up like a milkshake has got to be the hinkiest idea I've ever heard.

    On the other hand, it could be quite tasty. You just lost me at the name. Frappa-what's it?

    -Jack Shepard, PI

  10. Cleo - Just wanted share with you the birthday present I received from my friend - in which you were mentioned!

    For Debbie on her birthday. . . 2009

    I had nothing to read and was sitting alone
    And one day you gave me Kinsey Millhone
    The start of it all was For Burglar is B
    My first (well, adult) series mystery!

    I made my way through the whole alphabet
    Waiting ‘til paperback each book to get
    But between publications I was at times glum
    And then you gave me Stephanie Plum!

    Fun but fluff reads about the hunter bounty
    One for the money – and on with the count, we.
    I thought that was enough – I became quite a fan
    And then I found Mott Davidson, Diane

    Did I find it and tell you or did you tell me?
    Not sure – but then you sent me Clare Cosi.
    Those coffeehouse mysteries really held me at bay
    I’m excited to think one will be on the way!

    I could have stopped there – I had quite a whirl
    And then you passed along books of Gourmet Girl!
    Chloe Carter with social work has helping hands
    And wine plus nosiness equals Nikki Sands…

    Most recently I have read Cooking Class
    Glad to sometimes have books on to you that I pass
    Oh, I also should add the books B&B
    And I know you have others just waiting for me!

    Thank you for giving me so many books
    And telling me which reads were worth looks
    And for being a wonderful friend, come what may
    And I wish you a very happy birthday!

    Love, Sharon

    Thanks for making us so happy, Cleo, and I'll look for you at the Village Blend!

    Debbie Rubenstein

  11. Cleo, the cocoa powder is the key, I think! I couldn't wait for the cubes to totally freeze, so I cheated and made the drink before I should have. Didn't matter... fabulousity!!!!! And, aw... thanks for the praise for my series. You're a sweetheart!

  12. Printed off the recipe. Sounds good. My husband and I love iced coffees, frappuccinos, and especially the Dunkin Donuts offerings. We keep bottles of the flavored syrups here at the house to make our own.
    Thanks for a fun post.

  13. Thank you so much for the amazingly tasty recipe! I have shared it with my sister-in-law, who like me loves reading and coffee! I have made the frozen coffee drink almost everyday-I am a coffee addict (which, truthfully is an understatement). Thank you for the yummy recipe and the marvelous book series!

  14. Great idea with the frozen coffee instead of ice. I've been fooling with iced coffee recipes for the last month. In a pinch, the General Foods International Coffee mixes work well. I brought them with me on a trip and they can be easily made in a hotel room.