Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween in a Hurry—Spooky, Yummy Ghosts


Check in below for a special prize for one lucky commenter!

There’s nothing like a lot of baking around Halloween to put fear in the heart of a busy mom. :)

Yes, there are Halloween parties, Halloween festivals, Halloween-themed events for Scouts…and a scary lack of time!

What’s a mom to do?

No bake Halloween cookies!

Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

These cute ghosts will really make your little goblins smile. And with only three ingredients and hardly any prep time, you’ll be smiling right along with them.

You’ll need:

White chocolate (melted in the microwave or double boiler)**
Mini chocolate chips
Nutter Butter brand cookies
Parchment paper (to dry the cookies on)

Dip the Nutter Butter cookies into the melted white chocolate
Let cool a little, then put the chocolate chip eyes on
Dry on Parchment paper

Ghost Cookies **One 6 oz package of white chocolate will decorate about 18 cookies.


And now for today’s prize! One lucky commenter will receive the Halloween Cookie Shapes Non Stick Pan.

Halloween Cookie Shapes No-Stick Pan

For when you do have time to bake cookies! (Which, in my household, won’t be until after Halloween! :) )

A winner will be announced tonight at midnight. Happy Halloween!

Delicious and Suspicious (July 6 2010) Riley Adams
Pretty is as Pretty Dies –Elizabeth Spann Craig


  1. What's not to love" Peanut butter, chocolate white and dark, and EASY! Bingo, we have a winner!! Nurse JudyMac

  2. Sweet ghosts! Don't know why lately, but Marc and I have been enjoying white chocolate even more than dark. What a fun, fast recipe for Halloween. And your cookie pan prize is adorable. Good luck to all the commenters!

    Spooky cheers,
    ~ Cleo
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  3. There is nothing I like more than dessert in the blink of an eye. This reminds me of the fruit and nut clusters I make when I'm desperate for chocolate: Throw a handful of white and semisweet chocolate morsels into a large mug. Microwave for a minute until starting to melt; stir. Toss in dry roasted peanuts and raisins; mix thoroughly. Drop by tablespoon onto waxed paper in heaps, let dry. Done!

  4. Those ghosts are so adorable! The cookie pan is super cute too~

  5. NurseJudyMac55--Hope you'll enjoy them! Easy is nice, isn't it?

    Cleo--We've been eating a lot of white chocolate here, too. Don't know why, but I'm enjoying it!

    Pattie @ Olla Podrida--Yum! That's a great recipe, Pattie! Thanks for sharing it. I like the idea of having all the mess confined to a mug! And peanuts and raisins are so tasty. :)

    suiling_kwong--Aren't they cuties? Of course, you could doll them up even more with some chocolate gel, but I sort of like them as-is. :)

  6. Love the look! So easy... I have been known to do this with Oreos, and I really like to take a couple of ritz crackers, little peanut butter in between and dip in butterscotch bark.

    Happy Halloween

  7. What a great idea - they're so cute! I can't remember the last time I had Nutter Butters. Now I have an excuse to get a pack!

  8. Those are so cute!

  9. Ha! These are too fun! Donald is a nut Nutter Butters. And I'm wild about that cookie pan!

  10. Quite, simple and yummy. What a combination. These would be great wrapped in the little ghost bags to give out as treats at a Halloween party. Thanks for the great tip.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. That is such a great idea and looks so easy. I'm on Halloween party duty for my son's class and will have to bake cookies for a concession stand at the Halloween carnival. These would be great.

  12. I love Nutterbutters. And these are much easier than the witch's hats I usually make.

  13. You can also decorate Twinkies with Frosting to be ghosts,mummies and even a Frankenstein. I also like to melt white chocolate in a bowl and toss in popcorn,rasins and candy corn and spread on wax paper. Once it dries break it up and place in cute Halloween bag, kids and adults will love it! Ps I you are now at Barnes and Noble in Dothan,AL. and will soon be making your debut in my Enterprise,AL library.:)

  14. I love that this is simple to make.

  15. Very easy and cute. Love the pan- so many ideas.

  16. Oh, how cute. Love these. And it doesn't get much better than chocolate and pb. Yum!

  17. What a nice and simple recipe. Ethan will like this as he loves white chocolate more then any other chocolate. He isn't a sweets person much, but once I show him this he will want us to make it. I bet my little one will love it too. Thanks for sharing.

    The World of Book Reviews

  18. Yum. And SO clever. The dudes will enjoy making them as much as eating them!

  19. What a great idea! It would be kind of fun, I think, to make a whole tray of easy treats - Nutterbutter Ghosts, chocolate dipped marshmallows (roll the bottoms in finely-chopped peanuts or walnuts, if you want), any-chocolate-dipped Oreos with jack-o-lantern faces, butterscotch fruit-and-nut haystacks--all of these quick ideas on one tray. I just might do it. The kids would love it.

  20. How cute. What a great, quick idea for school parties and bake sales.

    ~ Krista

  21. What a cute and easy idea!
    Thanks for sharing

  22. That is the coolest Halloween cookie pan! Would love to win it!

  23. Absolutely GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!


  24. Just what I need for my birthday nibbles table! Thank you for a simple idea, they look great.

  25. So clever---I'm adding Nutter Butters and white chocolate to my list! Thanks to all for the great ideas!

  26. Cookies and a cookie pan! What fun! Love the boo!

  27. What a great idea! You're so clever. Thanks for the tip.

  28. A Year on the Grill--I like the idea of doing it with oreos! Cool, Dave.

    Ingrid--I LOVE Nutter Butters! For some reason, they don't seem as decadent as other cookies. I'm sure they are, though!


    Kaye--Sounds like a good match for y'all to eat one night!

    Mason--I think they'd make nice little treat bag treats, for sure.

    shakyteach--The nice thing is that a bag of white chocolate goes pretty far---so it wouldn't be a very expensive treat. :)

    Bookwoman--Although witches hats would be fun, too!

    Jennie--Yum!!! I grew up eating Twinkies EVERY day in my lunchbox. :) That sounds like the perfect thing for me to try next. Thanks so much for letting me know about Dothan and Enterprise! I used to live in Birmingham--Vestavia area. Great place, AL. :)

    Dru--VERY simple! Perfect for such a busy time of year.

    Christine--Thanks so much!

    Julie--It's the perfect combination, isn't it?


    ~ Babs ~Sometimes white chocolate is nice for a change, isn't it?

    Jenn--Your dudes will love these! They can even make a Charlie Brown ghost...with too many eye holes! Remember that from the cartoon?

    Laineshots--Visually, it would be REALLY cool. The kids would love them--and they'd be easy to make!

    Krista--Perfect for the school stuff!

    Jen--Thanks so much!

    PoCoKat--Fingers crossed!


    Glynis--Happy Birthday to a Halloween baby!

    Lynn in Texas--Have fun!


    LSUReader--Thanks so much for coming by!

  29. These are so cute and easy, my kind of recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  30. These ghosts are adorable and I sure appreciate how easy they are! At are school there are often over 30 kids in one class.

  31. Janel--The class sizes are getting crazy, aren't they? This is an easy fix!

  32. I totally agree with lack of time. It seems as though everyday next week my kids have something planned. As for the Nutter Butter ghosts I have also made them as snowmen at christmas with mini m&m s.

  33. Poser--What a cool idea! Love the thought of having them be snowmen with M&M buttons. :)

  34. I love this recipe! I can't wait to make them ~ this is awesome...thanks!