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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheese to Die For

This week
we are celebrating our

Welcome, everyone. Can you believe it? For a year, we've been sharing our recipes and our stories with you, and we're thrilled. Because we've had such a good time, we'd like to celebrate by preparing a summer meal, building on it day by day. By the end of the week, you'll have a complete menu.

Also to celebrate, we'll also have a daily contest and and one lucky person who leaves a comment this week will win a Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine! Leave a comment and you'll be

[Today's prize is CHEESE KNIFE. Sorry, the picture isn't all that good...]

C'mon, join the fun!

Today, I'm sharing the APPETIZER, and...get involves cheese! [Are you truly surprised? By the way, thanks to all who have purchased The Long Quiche Goodbye. Thanks, also, to those who have left positive reviews on Amazon and the like.]

Now...I just have to share one of my all-time favorite cheeses. Tartufo. In The Long Quiche Goodbye, at the top of chapter 2, I mention a Pecorino Tartufo. Charlotte claims it's a cheese that will make you swoon.

Well, I asked my twenty-four-year-old son to taste test a Caciotta Tartufo, and indeed, he swooned! he okay?

Phew, yes, he got up after the photo shoot.

{Great sport, huh?}

Anyway, this appetizer is simple!

Purchase a Tartufo cheese. The Caciotta Tartufo is laced with truffles.

Set the cheese on a platter. Let the cheese warm to room temperature (about an hour).

Serve with plain crackers [you don't want the flavor of the cracker to overwhelm the cheese].

Also serve with honey. A little dollop on the cracker or just with the cheese alone is heaven.
[Licking your fingers is okay.]

Tartufo is a pasteurized sheep's milk cheese with a nutty flavor, enhanced with aromatic black truffles. Though it can last a while in the refrigerator, I doubt it will. It's pretty addictive!

Enjoy!!!!! An happy anniversary!


If you haven't purchased The Long Quiche Goodbye, and you wish to, I have a list of booksellers on my website. Click this booksellers link. Reviews include: "It's not just gouda; it's great!" [Too fun, right?]