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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Please Welcome Guest Toni LoTempio!

Toni LoTempio is our guest today and she's sharing a recipe for a pepper steak stir-fry and a Guinevere Capri Sandwich. I know I'm going to be making both of these very soon! Take it away Toni!

Anyone who’s read my Nick and Nora mysteries knows that my main character, Nora Charles, is somewhat of a beast in the kitchen!  Not only does she make a mean sandwich, but she’s expanded into catering and makes absolutely delicious main dishes and appetizers! (which makes her cat Nick happy, of course, as he’s always in the kitchen supervising!!!!!)
In their latest adventure, Crime and Catnip, Nora is called upon to cater a museum gala, a costume ball centering on the Arthurian Era (you all remember King Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table, right? Sure you do!!!!).  Her buddy Chantal helped her with naming some of the delicious dishes she catered for the affair, particularly:

Morgan LeFay’s Pepper Steak Stir-Fry!
1 lb. beef top sirloin steak
¼ cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons white sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
½ teaspoon ground ginger
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 red onion, cut into squares
1 green pepper, cut into squares
1 red pepper, cut into squares

  1. Slice the steak into 1/2-inch thick slices across the grain.
  2. Whisk together soy sauce, sugar, cornstarch, and ginger in a bowl until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is smooth. Place the steak slices into the marinade, and stir until well-coated.
  3. Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a wok or large skillet over medium-high heat, and place 1/3 of the steak strips into the hot oil. Cook and stir until the beef is well-browned, about 3 minutes, and remove the beef from the wok to a bowl. Repeat twice more, with the remaining beef, and set the cooked beef aside.
Return all the cooked beef to the hot wok, and stir in the onion. Toss the beef and onion together until the onion begins to soften, about 2 minutes, then stir in the green pepper. Cook and stir the mixture until the pepper has turned bright green and started to become tender, about 2 minutes, then stir everything together, and serve over rice or noodles. 

If you’re more of a sandwich type person, you might enjoy a Guinevere Capri Sandwich:


Wrap (Spinach is nice, but any kind will do)
Breaded chicken cutlets, sliced thin
Avocado, sliced thin
Fresh mozzarella
Fresh tomato slices
1 tbsp. olive oil

Place chicken cutlets on wrap, layer on tomato slices, mozzarella and onion.  Roll, then top with avocado slices and fresh arugula, drizzle olive oil right over the top of the arugula.  

Nick and Nora 3:  CRIME AND CATNIP!!!!


Nick and Nora aren’t just pussyfooting around this time as they deal with a missing person’s case and murder.

While catering a gala for the Cruz Museum, Nora Charles agrees to look into the disappearance of director Violet Crenshaw’s niece, a case previously undertaken by her frisky feline friend Nick’s former owner, a private eye whose whereabouts are also currently unknown. 

As Nora and her curious cat Nick pull at the string of clues, they begin to unravel a twisted tale of coded messages, theft, false identities, murder, and international espionage. Nora dares to hope that the labyrinth of leads will not only help them locate the missing young woman, but also solve the disappearance of the detective. That’s if Nora can stay alive long enough to find him...

Born in New York City, T. C. LoTempio is the national bestselling author of Meow If It’s Murder, the first in the Nick and Nora Mystery series. She has been a staff reporter at the young adult magazine Susabella Passengers and Friends for more than a decade. When she isn’t reporting or writing novels, she and her cat Rocco fundraise for Nathan Fillion’s charity, Kids Need to Read!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Irish Whiskey Steak for St. Patrick’s Day with a Fun #Giveaway from Cleo Coyle

On March 17th, everyone is a little bit Irish. Here in New York, the wearing of the green starts early as we line Fifth Avenue to watch the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade—the world’s oldest and largest with more than two million spectators...

Members of New York’s Bravest (firefighters) and its Finest (police department) march in tribute to the many Irish immigrants who've worked in our city fighting fires and crime for generations...

Which is why today’s recipe is adapted from one my husband and I published in the recipe section of our 9th Coffeehouse Mystery Roast Mortem, a story set around the time of St. Patrick’s Day—and for good reason. The mystery pays tribute to New York's firefighters, the same ones who now march in that annual parade carrying 343 flags, in memory of the 343 souls their department lost in the service of saving others in New York on September 11, 2001.

In honor of that brave Irish spirit, we give you a recipe with spirit. A wonderful dish for St. Patrick’s Day…or any day!

~ Cleo Coyle, author of 
The Coffeehouse Mysteries


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Irish Whiskey Steak

Inspired by the ingredients of Irish coffee, my husband and I married whiskey and java in this recipe for an outrageously delicious marinade. 

The coffee accents the earthiness of the beef, which stands in contrast to the spirited brightness of the whiskey. The combination creates the kind of complexity that gives beautiful flavor, a finish so good you won’t need steak sauce, just a thick slice of bread to sop up every bit of those sizzling steak juices on your plate...

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Cleo Coyle's
Irish Whiskey Steak

Makes 2 servings


1/3 cup Irish whiskey (we like Jameson)

1/4 cup freshly brewed (and cooled) coffee or espresso

4 tablespoons sesame oil

3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

2 T-bone, rib-eye, or shell steaks (2–3 pounds total)


(1) Whisk together the whiskey, coffee, oil, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper and pour into a shallow dish or pan that is large enough to hold 2 steaks flat (single layer, no overlap­ping).

(2) Cover the dish, pan, or container with plastic wrap, and marinate the meat for 1 hour in the refrigerator, then flip and marinate for a second hour. During the last 20 minutes, remove the steak from the refrigerator and allow the meat to reach room temperature.

(3) Sauté the steaks over medium-high heat in a heavy or cast-iron skillet or on a stovetop grill pan (that's what you see in my photos). Cook 5 minutes per side for medium-rare, or 7–8 minutes per side for medium-well. You can also broil or grill them on an outdoor gas or charcoal grill. 

NOTE: If your steak is on the thick side, see "Cleo's Quick Kitchen Hack" below for a restaurant technique on finishing it...


The Steak Roll...

When your steak is on the thick side, be sure to "roll" it on its sides (as shown above) at the end of the cooking process to get a nice browning on those fatty white edges.


(4) Be sure you allow the steak to rest at least ten minutes before slicing so the juices are able to re-collect. If sliced too soon, those important juices may run out and your steak will taste dry instead of moist and juicy—the best way to eat with joy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

~ Cleo Coyle

New York Times bestselling author of  
The Coffeehouse Mysteries

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Prize #1 - Irish Blessing Mug

While we can't give you a bottle of Irish whiskey, we can give you this beautiful bone china "Irish Blessing" coffee mug designed in Galway with Celtic symbols and the words of the old Irish blessing...

"May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand..."

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The story follows our amateur sleuth Clare, a middle-aged single mother and coffeehouse manager, who barely gets out of a burning cafe alive. The fire turns out to be arson, set by someone who appears to be targeting the city's cafes.

Looking for clues to the culprit, Clare ends up befriending members of a local firehouse. And when some of these men begin to die in suspicious ways, Clare can see there’s more to this case than simple arson and fears more than New York’s Bravest will end up burned...

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In the course of this mystery, Clare not only exchanges clues with the firefighters, she swaps some great recipes. 

The result is a culinary mystery with delicious spins on firehouse favorites. May you read (and eat) with joy! 

~ Cleo

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steak grilled with oranges #recipe plus book #giveaway

From Daryl aka Avery:

Well, I blew it. I had it on my calendar to give you a SUPER guest today, and my calendar ran off without alerting me. Yes, it's my calendar's fault. I'm sticking to that story.

So our SURPRISE guest will continue to be a surprise until I get her post up. Argh. Please tell me you make mistakes, too. I'd hate to be the only one.

Until then, I've got a super recipe that absolutely must be shared during the summer and a super giveaway.

Giveaway first: My next book, STIRRING THE PLOT, comes out in just a few weeks. September 30. Today, I'm going to give away two sets of the first two books in the series. That's right, FINAL SENTENCE and INHERIT THE WORD. If you already have them, you can always donate them to a library, family member or pal. And I'll throw in a Cookbook Nook/Cheese Shop mug to boot! So leave a comment and remember to leave your email, in case.

Now, for the recipe.

Do you love barbecue? I do! And I have to admit I'm a red meat eater on occasion. No more than once every couple of weeks, but there's something about a good juicy steak that makes me salivate. Also, I feel better the next day, so I'll bet my anemic blood cells need that boost. Again, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :)

I found this recipe...rather, my HUSBAND, found this recipe in the Food Network magazine. He loves that magazine! The pullout section they have with "50 ways" to do something...this time, beef...really appeals to him. He can read them out loud as if he's doing a poetry slam. Each of the "50" are about 50 words or less. Very cool.

So, here you have it. I would bet this recipe would work well with chicken breasts and pork, as well, so if you want to go leaner, try it!  I intend to.


Ala Food Network Magazine July 2014

4 rib-eye steaks
2 oranges
1 lime
1 tablespoon chopped oregano
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
½ teaspoon kosher salt
(extra oranges for grilling)

1 teaspoon each, salt and sugar, for reducing marinade (*see below)


Mix the juice of the oranges and lime with the oregano, garlic and salt. 

Set rib-eye steaks in a large pan (13 x 9) and drench with the marinade. Set aside for 20 minutes.

Remove the steaks and reserve the marinade.

Grill the steaks along with some orange wedges, about 2 per person! I like my steak medium rare. Depending on your grill, about 6 minutes a side.

*Meanwhile, boil the remaining marinade, and season with a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Let cool slightly. Drizzle over cooked steaks.

What's your favorite meat or goodie on the barbie??

* * *

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