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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I want S'more! An excerpt from STUCK ON MURDER

Congratulations to Kaye Barley of North Carolina,
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Now in a bid for shameless self-promotion,
I have to give myself a shout out because after months of anticipation,
my decoupage mystery novel STUCK ON MURDER, under my
alternate pen name Lucy Lawrence, is out in stores! Let me assure you,
it's pretty big day in my house!

In the tradition of Mystery Lover's Kitchen, food must be involved
in all big life moments, otherwise what's the point? So while I
entice you to read my novel with a short excerpt from the
book, I will accompany it with pictures of the recipe my character
Brenna Miller has created, namely S'mores Casserole!

by Lucy Lawrence
Berkley Prime Crime
Sept 2009

Brenna had not done any baking since the

previous weekend when she had felt the need for

a batch of butterscotch squares, which had sorely

depleted her flour supply. She scrounged the

cupboards in her kitchenette for a quick idea but

could only come up with teddy bear shaped graham

crackers, several squares of bittersweet chocolate

and a bag of mini-marshmallows. What was she

supposed to do with all this? Then it hit her, a

S'mores casserole! Could she soften Nate with that?

She’d have to give it a go.

She greased a small casserole dish, made

layers, like a lasagna, of teddy bears, marshmallows,

and chopped up chocolate. Then she broiled it until

the marshmallows on top turned golden brown.

She glanced through the window by her front door,

and saw that Nate’s lights were still on. His was

the largest cabin and it sat directly across the inlet

from hers. It was only eight-thirty, so she figured it

wasn’t too late to go visit him.

She set the dish on her porch railing while she

locked her front door. Then, using her red-checked

potholder mittens, she carried the dish with both hands

as she followed the well-worn path along the water’s

edge that led to Nate’s house.

She could hear the signs of early spring.

Crickets and tree frogs sang their nightly symphony

and the chilly evening air made a fine mist rise from

the hot dish in her hands.

She climbed the three steps to Nate’s porch and knocked on the front door with the toe of her shoe. Instantly, there was a dog explosion on the other side

of the door as Hank, Nate’s golden retriever, went into a frenzy of barking.

Brenna moved to stand in front of the window, so that Hank would see her and settle down, but was distracted by her own disheveled reflection and frowned. Her hair had come out of the band at the nape of her neck

and was now hanging in her face, making her look

unkempt as if she’d spent a hard day scrubbing

toilets. Fabulous...

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Happy reading and eating!!!
Jenn (aka Lucy)

Jenn McKinlay SPRNKLE WITH MURDER -- March 2010
(aka Lucy Lawrence -- STUCK ON MURDER -- Sept 2009)
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