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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pomegranate Goodness!

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Ever since I read the Greek myth
about Persephone, kidnapped by
Hades and forced to live in the Underworld for a few months every year because she ate a few pomegranate seeds, I've been fascinated by the pomegranate.

A few years ago, my neighbors
needed to cut down their
pomegranate tree to make
room for a shed. Well, that
tap root sprouted up some little
shoots, and I decided to try
and replant them in my yard.

Well, those shoots are
now six feet tall and this year, we harvested our first crop of pomegranates.

Yay! I am always fascinated by watching things bloom and grow.

At right, Annie and Otto help
harvest our pomegranates.
Yeah, they think they're balls
for throwing. Silly dogs!

Now, I've seen the seeds used
on salads and yogurts, but
I've also seen bottle of it at
the grocery store. So, I decided since we had over 30 of them, that I wanted to juice them and see how many pomegranates it takes to make an 8 oz glass of juice.

The health benefits of the
pomegranate are almost
too numerous to mention,
but to state just a few:

*Rich in antioxidants
*Helps stop blood clots
*Reduces risk of breast
prostate cancer

How to make
pomegranate juice:

Cut pomegranate in half.

Using a hand citrus juicer,
squeeze and press
the pomegranate in a
circular motion until no
more juice is released
(I cheated - mine is

Repeat with other half
of pomegranate.

Line a colander with
cheesecloth. Strain pomegranate
juice through cheesecloth.

Use juice to drink by
adding sugar (I used agave
nectar) to taste.

Store in the refrigerator
for up to 3 days.

Tip: When picking
pomegranates, choose
ones that are heavy.
They should contain
the most juice.

It took three small to medium
sized pomegranates to make this
6 oz glass of juice. I'm going to juice the rest and freeze it into an ice cube tray.

I think it'll add a nice vitamin boost to our daily glass of juice. And then, I have this idea for a chocolate-pomegranate cupcake, but that's for another post...


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