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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Barbequed Chicken Pizza by Lucy Burdette

Lucy and Tonka ready for Christmas
LUCY BURDETTE: Remember the recipe from last week--the stuffed bread? Here's what I would do with the other half of the pizza dough. The recipe for the dough is from THE JOY OF COOKING and can also be found here. It's not hard, it just requires planning ahead so you have enough time for it to rise. It's much superior to something like a Boboli crust, though you could use that in a pinch. 

You can either save the extra dough for about a week in a container in the fridge, or freeze it. The dough doesn't rise quite as well after being frozen, but it works.

The idea for the toppings came from a recipe in Woman's World, but I've adapted it many times over the years.

1 pizza crust, unbaked
1/2 jar of Bone-Sucking sauce (my hands-down fave BBQ sauce, both sweet and tangy)
1.5 cups shredded cheese, smoked Gouda or cheddar
1.5 cups shredded chicken (Here again, plan ahead and save this from the chicken you roasted on the weekend. Or buy one from the supermarket deli. Or use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.)
1/2 large red onion, thinly sliced
chopped cilantro

Roll out the dough and place on oiled pizza pan. Spread sauce on the pizza dough, followed by cheese, chicken, onion, more cheese on top.

Cilantro may be sprinkled over pizza after cooking or baked right in. Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes. Watch this so the crust doesn’t get too brown. (Mine took less than 20 in a convection oven.) Do not use the 475 temp called for by THE JOY OF COOKING:). It's too hot, although the one time I made that mistake the pizza turned out crispy and delicious all the same!

This is one of our favorite suppers, served with a green salad. John and I usually can't eat the whole thing, so there might be one or two slices left over to heat up for lunch--which we fight over naturally. Making myself soooo hungry–off to scrounge up some lunch….

Lucy Burdette is the author of the Key West food critic mysteries. MURDER WITH GANACHE will be out in February, but you can pre-order it now.

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