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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The "Lucy Burdette" Daiquiri, Courtesy of @SusanMacNeal

Hemingway Polydactyl Looking Over Murder with Ganache
LUCY BURDETTE: As you've already heard, four of us writers here on MLK have books coming out next week--Avery Aames with DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT, Meg London with A FATAL SLIP, Sheila Connolly with SCANDAL IN SKIBBEREEN, and me, Lucy, with MURDER WITH GANACHE. You have some fun reading ahead during the cold, gray February days!

The weeks right before a book launch are exciting but exhausting. We're furiously writing blogs, and planning for book parties, and doing interviews, and sending out press releases--not to mention working on the next book so we don't fall too far behind! (And in my case, taking pictures of cats with books:)
I have to admit I haven't cooked much for the last few weeks, so I was worried about a new recipe for today's post.

 But luckily for me, a girlfriend over on Jungle Red Writers, Susan Elia MacNeal, came through with a fabulous idea--a cocktail called the "Lucy Burdette." And so today I'm sharing that with you!

"The Lucy Burdette"
(A Key Lime Daiquiri to toast the new Key West-based book! Surely Papa Hemingway would approve...)

2 parts white rum
1 part freshly sqeezed key lime juice
1/2 part simple sugar syrup (or to taste)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of key lime.
Come--pour yourself a glass and join me to toast the new books. Put your feet up, tip your face toward the sun, and we'll read a couple pages aloud....
"Faster than a speeding Kitchenaid mixer, I scraped the freshly-squeezed lime juice and zested lime peel into the bowl and beat the batter to a creamy pale green. Inside the oven, the first set of cupcakes rose gracefully, releasing their sweet and sour citrus fragrance into the tiny galley of our houseboat."

From MURDER WITH GANACHE by Lucy Burdette, available for pre-order wherever books are  sold!

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