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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Parties


My kids love Halloween.

Tuesday I was at a costume store, finding the perfect costume for my daughter. She wanted to be cute, but spooky. She picked a zombie cheerleader costume. My son has the flu, but hopes to recover by Saturday. He wanted pure horror. I bought all kinds of gross stuff for him to glue onto himself, paint on himself, etc. He seemed delighted.

Food6 One of the best parts about Halloween are the treats.

Wednesday, my daughter and I went to our friends’ house for a Halloween party. Cute decorations, accumulated over the years—spiders’ webs, ghosts, witches. The children all seemed like colorful decorations, themselves. There were several Hannah Montanas, a mummy, a fairy, a gypsy, a Flapper, and my own zombie cheerleader. :)

Everyone brought in goodies. Like these:



And these:

021 015



The children played games like “A Gift from Mummy,” “Mr. Bones’ Relay Race,” and a variation on Hot Potato, where the kids passed a stuffed pumpkin and tried not to be the kid holding it when the music stopped.

Then they had a blast playing freeze tag. They’d cut a rug on the dance floor until the music stopped, and they froze in place.

The most fun? We got to visit with our friends and celebrate the holiday together. Thanks to my friend Caroline for inviting us! Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween with lots of treats!013

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