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Friday, October 9, 2009


Do you have a Favorite
Celebrity Chef?

Vote below and hit poll results to see how others have voted. If you don't see your favorite chef in the list below, you can vote "other" and leave a comment here or on my We
b site's messsage board at
Read the post below the poll for links to
some of our favorite RECIPES!
hotlinks to "rock star"
chef tours (per Wall Street Journal).

Did you know that chef’s are the new rock stars? The Wall Street Journal declared it this week in a huge article. I laughed when I saw it because this is far from news to me. I made this point in fiction two years ago...

In my mystey French Pressed, the twenty-year-old daughter of my amateur sleuth (Clare Cosi) became completely infatuated with a “rock star” chef with whom she was interning--to her detriment since murder was involved.

The real news to me in the Journal article was the fact that these celebrity chefs are now going on live tours, just like rock stars. Click on the chef’s name below for more info. If they have a live appearance coming up, I hot linked to a place where you can find out more and order tickets. And I hope you enjoy my little vision of the Rock Star Chef Family Thanksgiving below...


(Just pretend I actually had an ounce of artistic ability and drew the following as a cartoon with little word balloons...)

Alton Brown (tour hotlink)

My brainy big brother
“Pass the mashed potatoes, Alton. No, I don't actually need the metric conversion on that...but thanks.”

Guy Fieri (tour hotlink)
My wild and crazy little brother
“Holla, Guy! Did you know Jenn’s husband invented a salsa recipe with tequila? I thought you’d be impressed.”

Paula Deen (tour hotlink)

My funny, adorable auntie
“Oh, boy! Can we fry that too? And have you checked out Riley's baked Garlic Cheese Grits recipe (click here)?"

Tony Bourdain (tour hotlink)
The bad boy neighbor
“Gotta light, baby? You’ve inspired me to take up smoking again. Better yet, how about I mix you up a sexy Raspberry Lemon Drop martini a la Julie Hyzie?”

Emeril Lagasse (tour hotlink)
My jolly, loveable uncle
“After we go apple picking Saturday, can you show me how to make a brioche? I'll trade you Krista's recipe for Danish Apple Cake."

Rachel Ray
My bubbly, adorable sister
“Tomorrow night! Popping popcorn in rosemary oil then drooling over Jason Statham in Transporter 6."

Giada De Laurentiis
My sweet but too-thin fashionista sister.
“I’m in for Black Friday. We’ll shop, dish, have a latte, and workout. But then you better eat something, sweetie, I’m worried about you. I know what you'll love--Avery's "Hungry Girl" bacon shrimp & cheese kabob, under 200 calories.”

Ina Garten
My down-to-earth, knowledgeable older sister
“Super, Ina, one last thing? How long do you braise the beef in red wine?”

Tyler Florence
The cute boy next door
“Hi Tyler, can I borrow a cup of sugar? And that tagine of lamb you just took out of the oven? Thanks! I'll swap you my own recipe for holiday pernil: Puerto Rican Style Roasted Pork Shoulder.”

Gordon Ramsay
The hot English neighbor

“Thumbs up on the real gravy and Yorkshire pudding, Gordo, but you’ve just got to stop with the farm animal butchery segments.” (And if you’ve never seen this man’s BBC show, The F Word, forget you just read that.)

So who is your favorite rock star chef? Take the poll at the top of the blog and then click to see the results and find out what your fellow Mystery Lovers' Kitchen fans think. If I've missed your favorite chef, just write him (or her) in -- you can add a comment below or hop over to the Message Board at my Web site


~Cleo Coyle
author of The Coffeehouse Mysteries

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Cleo Coyle's Fresh Glazed Strawberry Pie

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. These are the true American coffee shops and I absolutely love them. So of course I’m a fan of Guy Fieri’s Food Network television show of the same name.

(Holla, Guy!)

If you’re wondering if Guy has visited any of your favorite diners or dives, click here and scroll down the right column. The site lists all of the diners and dives that Guy has featured on this TV show thus far...

I have plenty of favorite diners here in Queens, New York, but my heart belongs to EAT 'N' PARK, a beloved regional diner chain located where I grew up, outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you live near the Ohio Valley, you've probably eaten there. The place began during the days of the 1950’s car hops when everyone thought it was real keen to park and eat right in their cars.

Eat 'n' Park doesn’t serve you in your car anymore. They're now a family restaurant and coffee shop chain serving a great American menu and the most amazing fresh glazed strawberry pie I ever had.

My husband and I grew up on this delectable pie and for a lot of summers here in New York we pined for it (be
cause nobody even tries to do it the same way here), so I decided to step up and attempt a copycat Eat ‘n’ Park strawberry pie recipe.

My multiple experiments were…interesting. Witness this beauty to the left. Pretty to look at but about as tasty as waxed fruit. I’d used too much unflavored gelatin, which gave it great firmness but after a few hours rendered it as rubbery as an inner tube.

Next I reduced the gelatin way down—and got soup.

Then I added cornstarch for thickening and the raw, chalky taste made my husband want to gag.

Back to the drawing board…and finally, eureka! A combo of flavored gelatin, unflavored gelatin, flour, sugar, water, and strawberry jam created the best glazed strawberry pie I had ever tasted.

Is it a worthy copycat Eat 'n' Park pie recipe? You bet'cha! Now during the summer, when hot weather begs for a delicious
chilled fruit pie with sweet whipped cream, I whip up this recipe. Ever since I perfected it, making our favorite pie is a piece of . . . well, you know!

Click here or on the picture above
to get my recipe for
Fresh Glazed Strawberry Pie

(The complete recipe will appear in PDF
format and you can save it or print it out.)
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~Cleo Coyleauthor of The Coffeehouse Mysteries
Where coffee and crime are always brewing...