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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Movie Theater Sweets and Treats with Deborah Sharp


I'm grateful to Riley (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig) for inviting me to Mystery Lovers' Kitchen, where everybody's a foodie. I adore food -- eating it; reading about it; writing about it. The only thing I don't love about food? Making it, which reveals me to be an impostor here among the kitchen's creative cooks and authors.

Luckily, I do have intimate, expert knowledge about one category of food. Owing to a scary addiction to seeing movies, I am a connoisseur of concession-stand candy.

My palate is quite refined (or smacked into submission) by many years of munching popcorn and sweets in darkened theaters. This expertise has proven handy in planning signings for my latest book. For each title, I like to serve something theme-related: Nuptial Nectar Punch at signings for ''Mama Gets Hitched,'' for example, or ''Florida Cracker'' cocktails as a nod to the trail-ride setting of ''Mama Rides Shotgun.'' Movie snacks seemed a natural fit for the location-shoot, film-star theme of ''Mama Sees Stars.''

starscameraboasmallerBut what candy to serve? Turns out people are quite passionate on the topic. ''Which movie candy is awful and which is awesome?'' I queried on Facebook. More than 50 folks weighed in. The issue was just as contentious closer to home:

''Raisenets,'' said my husband, Kerry. ''People love Raisenets.''
''People might, but I don't,'' I said. "Why ruin perfectly good chocolate by wrapping it around an odious raisin?''
I countered with my favorite, Milk Duds. He wondered how someone losing a tooth might dampen the mood at a signing.
We did agree on popcorn.
''Of course, it'll have to be buttered,'' I said. "People love buttered popcorn.''
"People might,'' he said, "but I don't . . . . ''

So how about you? What's your preferred movie treat? Do you and your date argue at the concession stand about what to order? I'm hoping my signing snack menu won't end in the kind of tragedy seen last February at a theater in Latvia. When two moviegoers faced off over how loudly one was chewing his popcorn, the accused shot and killed the complainer. What's that saying again about truth being stranger than fiction?

Note from Riley: Deb, you’re not an imposter for this group. I’ve got proof—a delicious punch recipe from your last visit to Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen! I loved Mama's Nuptial Nectar Punch.

My kids like the Sour Patch candy..ugh. I'm more inclined toward the Skittles end of the spectrum. But what are y’all’s favorite movie treats?

Mama Sees Stars smallerDeborah Sharp writes the funny Mace Bauer Mysteries, set in a sweet-tea-and-barbecue slice of her native Florida. MAMA SEES STARS
(September 2011, Midnight Ink) is her fourth book, each featuring Mace's wacky mama. Deborah has been a guest on the Today Show, where she nervously scarfed down most of the candy in the green room, and still managed not to throw up on Al Roker. To read an excerpt from Mama Sees Stars: