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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Two two ingredient desserts for you!


It’s here!  Our favorite day: Boxing Day, December 26th, is an official holiday in Canada (unless you work in retail and then, you have our sympathy, because it’s like Black Friday).

We intend to relax, reflect, read and enjoy life.  We have a fridge full of food, chocolate gingerbread cake to enjoy, and people we love to spend time with.  We may go for a walk or we may stay and just veg.  We have company, so for sure everyone will feel like a sweet and refreshing treat.  The cooks are taking the day off, so here are our two two-ingredient recipes choices for instant desserts/snacks. These have both been tested on guests, so we feel confident. If you’re in a mood to take things easy, give yourself a break and whip up either one in seconds, then go back to relaxing!   Remember, you heard it here first.


Irish-Italian Pick Me Up

Okay you may prefer to call this what it is:  a scoop of your favorite gelato flavor with a splash of whiskey.  We used the Irish spelling because we chose Jameson.  We picked chocolate gelato with chocolate chips. It’s great with vanilla or cappuccino too.   We also tried  Kahlua and gelato.  We prefer the contrast of the sweet and the smoky zing of the whiskey.  However, the Kahlua was a hit with some.  


Scoop gelato into pretty glass or ramekin.  

Splash with a teaspoon or two of whiskey. 


 Or a teaspoon or two of Kahlua. You will be a hero.

You could also try this::

Greco-Canadian Surprise

This one knocked MJ’s socks off when her friend Kathy served it to a group of friends.  

Simply spoon Greek yogurt into a dish (about a half cup). Swirl two to three teaspoons of maple syrup on top to make an attractive pattern.  So simple, but the whole is MUCH greater than the sum of its parts.  We have become hooked on this.  You can see that we've run through a lot of maple syrup.  Of course, there's more in the cupboard.

Enjoy the desserts. Enjoy your day.  Put your feet up! 

 Rest, relax and read.  But leave room and time for a quick dessert.

We hope you enjoy the time between Christmas and New Year's. We hope you don't work too hard and that you have lots of great stuff to eat and wonderful cozy books to read. 

Hugs from Mary Jane and Victoria Maffini aka Victoria Abbott, author of THE BOOK COLLECTOR MYSTERIES.